Lesser of Two Evil Mythologies, Capitalist Realities

Lesser of Two Evil Mythologies, Capitalist Realities
By Matt Sedillo
The Southwest Political Report

With spikes in early Latino voting in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and elsewhere it appears that the Latino vote stands poised once again to be the critical factor in sending another Democrat into the white house. This time it looks to be by a far wider margin than the one claimed by Barrack Obama over Mitt Romney in 2012. And why would this not be the case?

Donald Trump presents himself as an outright menace and threat horrifying to the US Latino population. He began his campaign calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. In the final presidential debate he called this same population druglords and bad hombres. He has made the building of a wall central to his campaign. He has made the claim Mexico will pay central to his campaign. He is a cartoonish white nationalist who has questioned the birthright citizenship of the 14th amendment while simultaneously evoking Operation Wetback as a policy. In that same interview he spoke of conducting deportation the “humane” way and “keeping families together.” The implication here is regardless of where you were born if you are “Mexican” you are out of here. He has questioned a public officials fitness to judge him claiming “he’s a Mexican” he has made outlandish claims going so far as to claim that the Mexican government was telling lies to the Pope about him and even speculated that his own words and deeds coming to light were brought about by some sort of Mexican conspiracy involving the New York Times. He has given prominent roles and access to his campaign to figures such as Ann Coulter, Joe Arpaio, Jan Brewer and Kris Kobach. Donald Trump is the stuff of nightmares to the Mexican and Mexican American population of this country. But he is no friend to the rest of the Latino community either. One because often when racists in the US speak of the broad Latino population they call everyone Mexican and two because Donald Trump has long history of giving insult to other specific Latino communities as well.

In 1972 Donald Trump was investigated by the justice department where he stood accused of discriminating against African American Puerto Rican renters. In 1997 Donald Trump referred to Venezuelan born Miss Universe Alicia Machado as “Miss piggy” as well as “Miss housekeeping.” Trump went as far to attack light skinned Cuban opponents during the primaries in his campaign speculating as to whether Ted Cruz father was involved in the Kennedy assassination. Though he disavowed all connection to the party responsible a robocall was made on behalf of the Trump campaign that explicitly stated “don’t vote for a Cuban.” Donald Trump has insulted the Latino population as a whole and he has gone of his way to insulted specific populations in particular. Ana Navaro a former right wing supporter of the Contras has been among the most consistent and vocal critics of Donald Trump and his hate speech against Latino populations. This is the era of Trump. This is the terror that this demonic figure inspires. Lesseroftwoevilism never had it so good or so easy. Even Ana Navaro a former Contra supporter can appear as a champion of the people standing next to this monster.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton has run without a doubt the single most patronizing presidential run in living memory. From her campaign claiming she was “just like your abuela” for a series of absurd reasons, her embrace of Vincente Fernandez at post debate “fiesta” where she greeted him saying “Oh, Chente, thank you so much. It’s so wonderful youre here” to her leaked emails that referred to Latino outreach as “taco bowl engagement” and countless other examples, she has proven to be just awful, a truly, truly insulting candidate that has been hoisted upon the Latino electorate. Still by virtue of not calling people “bad hombres” or “miss housekeeping” Hillary Clinton also appears as the lesser evil to Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton throughout her campaign has been quick to link herself to the records of the last two democratic presidents one of which she served under as secretary of state and the other being her spouse. She touts these as her qualifications to serve the “American people” as a whole as well as address the specific needs of its various communities. This is largely impossible for an American president to do vis a vis the Latino population as the American presidency and all that it represents is the single biggest issue facing the US Latino population. As to Obama and Bill Clinton their records are exceptional only in how horrific they truly are.

Bill Clinton passed NAFTA while simultaneously militarizing the border under operation gatekeeper. Bill Clinton passed the omnibus crime bill and was president as the wave of three strike laws passed throughout various states both of these disproportionately effected on black and Latino populations. Bill Clinton oversaw the repeal of Glass Steagal which led to the housing crash in 08 which decimated Latino household wealth by 66%, making them the most impacted demographic in the US during the crisis.

Barrack Obama is known by many as the deporter in chief. He has deported more people than Hoover under the Mexican repatriation act or Eisenhower under Operation Wetback. He refused to allow the parents of Sophie Cruz, a five year old child famous for handing the Pope a letter because she did not want to see her parents deported, into the white house precisely because they were undocumented. He has repeatedly demanded that people learn English as a path to citizenship effectively making him the most prominent member of the “English only” movement in its history. He along with Hillary Clinton supported a coup in Honduras that has seen horrific consequences, notably the assassination of Berta Carcasses. Hillary Clinton has said of the Central American child refugee crisis “send them back.” Independent of what Donald Trump says, does and most threateningly of all inspires, this is all profoundly evil.

If all had gone according to the script of 2014 Jeb Bush would have won the primary and faced off against Hillary Clinton. Jeb Bush was uniquely positioned to beat Hillary Clinton in that he was uniquely positioned to win a significant portion of the Latino vote. However much of what would have made him strong candidate in a general election were used against him by a vicious white nationalist in the primary. It is difficult to imagine after this campaign that the politics of Make America Great Again and its specific fear of losing the country to a growing Latino population will go anywhere. The Latino population is going to continue to grow. As it grows the Latino electorate will grow. White nationalist fear of “losing the country” will grow too. If this pattern holds where it becomes impossible for a Bush or a Romney to emerge from Republican primaries the Democrats will consistently win upon the basis of not sounding like complete white nationalists. They will carry out the same program of mass incarceration, mass deportation, mass privatization that they currently do. The party of Andrew Jackson, James Polk and Woodrow Wilson will conceal their own racist roots and continued nature by simply pointing across the stage or aisle. They will continue delivering capitalist realities while standing beside white nationalist boogeymen and hiding behind our collective nightmares of still greater evil.

Lesser evil is an evil way to talk. Lesser evils lessen your soul. Elections are a racket. Power is real.

Power to the people.

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