Make America Great Again is white nationalism

Make America Great Again is white nationalism
By: Matt Sedillo
The Southwest Political Report

When Donald Trump opened up his bid for the Republican presidential nomination of 2016 he didn’t make his appeal to the America’s best. He reached out to racists, misogynists, national chauvinists, vigilantes, every categorizable form of bigot and I am sure all of them, every last one of them are truly awful people.

Here is brief sampling of Make America Great Again in its own words:

June 16th 2015
“They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.” – Donald Trump describing Mexicans as he announced his bid for president.

July 4th 2015
“Jeb Bush has to like Mexican illegals because of his wife.” -Donald Trump on the Bush family

August 7th 2015
“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever”- Donald Trump on journalist Megyn Kelly

August 7th 2015
“Fox viewers give low marks to bimbo Megyn Kelly will consider other programs!” – Donald Trump tweeting about journalist Megyn Kelly

August 20th 2015
“The people that are following me are very passionate”- Donald Trump on inspiring anti Latino hate crimes
August 25th 2015
“Go back to Univision”- Donald Trump addressing Mexican born journalist Jorge Ramos moments before Ramos was physically ejected

September 9th 2015
“I think they are trouble.” – Donald Trump on Black Lives Matter

November 15th 2015
“We’re going to have to look at the mosques. We’re going to have to look very, very carefully.” – Donald Trump on surveilling Mosques.

November 22nd 2015
Donald Trump retweets false USA crime statistics claiming 81% of White homicide victims were killed by black assailants, actual statistics show that 82% of white homicide victims are killed by white assailants

November 22nd 2015
“Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.” – Donald Trump on a Black man who was physically assaulted by multiple men at his rally

December 7th 2015
“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on” – Donald Trump calling for a ban of over a billion people entering the US

December 28th 2015
“To the best of my knowledge, not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba, OK? Just remember that, OK? Just remember”- Donald Trump on Cuban’s and evangelicalism

February 28th 2016
“So I don’t know. I don’t know — did he endorse me, or what’s going on? Because I know nothing about David Duke; I know nothing about white supremacists.”- Donald Trump pretending to not know who David Duke was though in 2000 he had previously disassociated himself with the Reform Party because it included Pat Buchanan whom he called a Nazi and David Duke whom he called a Klansman

March 30 2016
“There has to be some form of punishment.” – Donald Trump on punishing women for having abortions

June 2nd 2016
“Look at my African American” – Donald Trump pointing at an African American man at his rally

June 6th 2016
“He’s a Mexican” — Donald Trump questioning the fitness of an US born judge

July 18th 2016
“I don’t want to speak your language, I don’t want to celebrate your holidays, I sure as hell don’t want to cheer for your soccer team!”- Lou Holtz speaking at the Republican National Convention on Latino migrants

July 23rd 2016
“I’m hoping I’m not going to have to kinda start brushing up on my ‘Dora the Explorer’ to understand some of the speeches given this week” – Scottie Nelle Hughes Trump surrogate on the potential of Spanish being spoken at the DNC

July 31st 2016
“Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say, you tell me”- Donald Trump speculating on the silence of a grieving mother as the man’s father spoke of their son’s death

August 22nd 2016
“Look, it is a disaster the way African-Americans are living, in many cases, and, in many cases the way Hispanics are living, and I say it with such a deep-felt feeling: What do you have to lose? I will straighten it out. I’ll bring jobs back. We’ll bring spirit back. We’ll get rid of the crime. You’ll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. Right now, you walk down the street, you get shot.” – Donald Trump on the black and brown community and the need for Donald Trump to straighten things out

August 31st 2016
“Thousands and thousands of dangerous criminal aliens who should have been sent home to their countries. Instead we have them all over the place. Probably a couple in this room as a matter of fact, but I hope not.” – Donald Trump encouraging rally attendees to search the audience for “dangerous criminal aliens”

September 1st 2016

“My culture is a very dominant culture, and it’s imposing and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.” – Marco Gutierrez co-founder of Latinos for Trump

October 6th 2016
“This was locker room banter” – Donald Trump on tapes surfacing of him bragging about sexual assault

October 19th 2016
“We shore up the border. One of my first acts will be to get all of the drug lords, all of the bad ones — we have some bad, bad people in this country that have to go out. We’re going to get them out; we’re going to secure the border. And once the border is secured, at a later date, we’ll make a determination as to the rest. But we have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them out.” – Donald Trump trying to boost his poll numbers by calling Mexicans druglords and bad hombres.

October 26th 2016
“To say that Donald Trump is a racist is outrageous. And to call anybody a racist is outrageous” – Rudy Gulliani Trump surrogate on racism

All this happened. Long after this election, years from now, with some time and distance, may it be recorded by all who lived through this absolutely disgraceful political moment with great shame, anger and sadness that between June 16th 2015 and November 8th 2016 in the United States of America a horrifying, vicious, ridiculous white nationalist predatory misogynist billionaire confidence man who refused to pay his taxes, his workers, his lawyers or his lawsuits built a presidential campaign that won the Republican primary on little more than bigoted insults, bigoted catchphrases and claims of unfair treatment.” On that day let there be no confusion about the fact that Make America Great Again was a campaign of resentment from the most dominant sections of society against any small advance made by anyone else in order to simply survive with some marginal increase of dignity.

May it be said that Make America Great Again was a narrative of false victimhood, that claimed whites were the real victims here, that men were the real victims here, that Americans were the real victims here, that Donald Trump a white male American billionaire to the manner born was the real victim here. May history heap due shame upon all those who claimed that there was any spec of legitimacy to this ultra misogynist white nationalist zombie apocalypse.

Millions of poor working people (though just as many suburban commandos) believed that a real estate mogul media personality who claimed to have started his business with a small loan of a million dollars from his real estate mogul father was one of them. They believed that a billionaire was one of them because that billionaire was a white nationalist and because they themselves were white nationalists. Let it be stated now that they are a much larger section of America than is often admitted. If that were not the case then a white nationalist could not have won the Republican primary. That is the simple truth and anyone who wants to ignore that fact or apologize for his supporters disgraces themselves, defies reason and shows that their true allegiance is to white nationalist apologetics at all cost. May history bury them with the zombies. In the meantime may this be stated with extreme clarity: Make America Great Again is white nationalism.


One thought on “Make America Great Again is white nationalism

  1. We were just speaking about that today in class… the term “white nationalist,” really another word for white racist /white supremacist, a type of “credible” term that presumes “respectability” in the room of public discourse. The Klan must not be welcomed; why hasn’t the government shut them down like they shut down the Black Panthers or Brown Berets or AIM in the 70’s??? If those liberation groups were so militant, why didn’t they also take down the KKK? Trump and his banter and basket of racist deplorables have pushed discourse to the right wing racist edge. A disturbing place we must push back against and be clear about. Racism and its dark side are breathing new life through Trump (funny how the extreme right follows bozos).


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