When you #wearwhitetovote remember that white is the color of white supremacy

When you #wearwhitetovote remember that white is the color of white supremacy
By: Irene Sanchez
The Southwest Political Report

white in the U.S. is the color of white supremacy. white is the color of the KKK. white women have worn white to symbolize purity. white is worn on wedding days to symbolize virginity. These are some reasons why the suffragists wore white because it was to symbolize their white women purity. This election day remember  that white supremacy isn’t always dressed in white, but as history shows us when it is it means oppression and sometimes death. This election day is not an acception. We are supposed to believe that our great white neoliberal hope Hillary Clinton will save us women and all of us, but white women who reinforce white supremacy have never saved us within these geographical boundaries or beyond them.

Since the inception of this country white women have supported the land grabs of Native people and also called them savages. They have also supported slavery and believed that Black people were not fully human. It was not just white men speaking these beliefs into existence, but yes too some white women. This is the mentality of white supremacy and the legacy that it leaves today-that means everyone who isn’t white is less than human and when you believe someone else is less than human, how can you stand up to fight for their rights too? This is what the suffrage movement was founded on that granted white women the right to vote in 1920. Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton would not support a Black man’s right to vote if they did not have their vote as white women.  When the suffrage movement marched and Black women attempted to join, they were told to march at the back of the march.The Black women that marched during the suffrage movement were part of Delta Sigma Theta Soroity founded at Horward University in 1913 as noted in this article from 2013 in the Washington Post. The women in the group were the daughters of former slaves. The daughters of former slaves. Let that sink in.

When I heard of the call to #wearwhitetovote, thoughts of white robes came to mind gathering  by fires in dark forests at night and I thought about how many people think that is the type of racism we need to be the most afraid of ignoring the fact that racists don’t always wear white robes. Racism is not always hidden and if we keep thinking it is we fail to stand up to injustice when it does happens on a day to day. The type of white supremacy that upholds the pillars of racism in this country is in plain view during the day whether it is dressed in white or not whether we are in a college or office, when you are shopping for groceries, driving, sitting, or playing in a park.  You do not need to tell me how Hillary Clinton will be different as the first woman president. A white woman who calls Black children “super predators”.

“These are often the kinds of kids that are called super predators…no conscience, no empathy, we can talk about why theyended up that way, but first we have to bring them to heel”. -Hillary Clinton

A white woman who is #notmyabuela, but I know she would’ve never fought for anyone who looked like my abulea. Instead she supports deporting our abuelas and our children. Children who look like my son. When asked about Central American children she said,

“They should be sent back as soon as it can be determinded who responsible  adults in their families are, because there are conerns about whether all of them should be sent back”. Clinton does not care that sending them home means death for many. A home that for many  people from Latin America the U.S. invaded and destroyed while installing oppressive leaders and massacring indigenous people since the U.S. was founded and how it continues today.

This is all a reminder that the white supremacy that the U.S. was founded on is not confined to the walls of the U.S., but this U.S. white supremacy is international and the rulers and supporters of it don’t always wear white, many times it is suits, or pants suits. Today is a day of mourning for me and tomorrow I will wake next to my son like I do everyday committed to the fight for justice because these systems of oppression will not end magically with a white woman as president of the U.S. This election day remember that white supremacy isn’t always dressed in white, but as history shows us when it is it means oppression and sometimes death.


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