This is Our History

This is Our History
The Southwest Political Report

Donald Trump has made over the course of his campaign openly eugenicist remarks. Donald Trump has made anti Mexican sentiment central to his campaign. The eugenicist movement began in earnest in the state of California in 1909 and carried out tens of thousands of forced sterilizations as a means of population control principally against the Mexican and Mexican American population. Cases of these sterilizations carried on into the 1970s.

In the case Madrigal v Qulligan Karen Benker a medical student testified that Edward James Quilligan had stated that “poor minority women in L.A county were having too many babies; they were a drain on society; and it was good that they be sterilized” as well as receiving a federal grant which he intended to use to show “how low we can cut the birthrate of Negro and Mexican populations in Los Angeles county.” The case was decided in favor of the eugenicist doctor. The year the case was decided was 1978.

Donald Trump in first post election television appearance promised to deport 3 million people immediately. Donald Trump has determined there are three million undocumented people in this country who are drug dealers. Where he gets these numbers he does not cite. During his primary campaign Donald Trump cited Operation Wetback, which deported well over a million people as an inspiration for his so called “immigration policy.” He also questioned whether or not the 14th amendment granted birthright citizenship. He also spoke of keeping families together so his deportation scheme maybe larger still than anything we had previously seen or imagined.

Build the wall was central to his campaign. His surrogates warned of taco trucks on every corner and Dora the explorer. A speaker at the RNC complained about not wanting to become a soccer fan. This may all sound ridiculous and it is. What is not funny is the fact that Trump and his constituency fear the demographic shift. A eugenicist is president elect, a eugenicist who fears demographic shift is President elect. Population control is nothing new to us. Keeping our population managed has been a part of US statecraft since the Mexican American war.


Photo: Mexican workers being sprayed with pesticides

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