The Loyal Opposition is Worthless

The Loyal Opposition is Worthless
By: Matt Sedillo
The Southwest Political Report

“To the degree that Mr. Trump is serious about pursuing policies that improve the lives of working families in this country, I and other progressives are prepared to work with him.” – Comrade Bernie Sanders continuing his long march of legitimizing unquestionable evil.

Bernie Sanders is worthless.

“When President-elect Trump wants to take on these issues, when his goal is to increase the economic security of middle class families, then count me in. I will push aside our differences, and I will work with him to achieve that goal. I offer to work as hard as I can and to pull in as many people as I can into this effort.”- Elizabeth Warren promising to push aside differences over how to deal with the non-whites in order to help the “middle class”

Elizabeth Warren is worthless

“There are guys in my neighborhood who I love, who I respect, who have incredible qualities, who are not afraid of Mexicans, and not afraid of Muslims, and not afraid of blacks, they’re afraid of their insurance premiums.”- Jon Stewart minimizing the racism of Donald Trump voters

Jon Stewart is worthless.

“If Donald Trump is the next president of the United States, it’s all of our responsibility to find a positive aspect.” – Steven Colbert demanding we all find something we like about Trump.

Steven Colbert is worthless.

“The people have spoken.”- Eva Longoria who said “we didnt cross the borders the borders crossed us” at the DNC now legitimizing Trump

Eva Longoria is worthless

“What kind of statement is there to be made? They lost”- Chris Matthews continuing to be Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews is worthless

“Everybody take a deep breath! #HopeLives!”- Oprah Winfrey on Obama meeting with Trump

Oprah Winfrey is worthless

“Although shocked and disappointed by the outcome, I hope the pres-elect will work to unify our wounded country. I sincerely wish him success” – Brian Cranston who played Trumbo speaking on an election of a candidate who is rumored to be considering the return of HUAC

Brian Cranston is worthless
“If you succeed, the country succeeds” – Barrack Obama directly offering encouragement to Donald Trump

Barrack Obama is worthless

“Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead.”

Hillary Clinton is worthless

Far beyond their inability to oppose or denounce Donald Trump some figures listed above are directly complicit in some of the gravest evils in our world today. For instance, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are all themselves modern day warlords. Barrack Obama Drone Commander and Hillary Clinton the Obliterator of Nations have been particularly vicious conquerors who have written their very own chapters of blood of these Imperial United States of America. While it can be said domestically that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have pushed at times for greater economic equality within the country, they like their more hawkish and powerful counterparts will side with the economic and political order that they themselves are a part of. They will never side with the resistance to it. Why would they? It simply is what it is.

In the aftermath of the election of the outright white nationalist Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have shown themselves essentially no different than Jack London or Tom Watson from a little over a century ago. White supremacy is a constant. It is the ocean. We are entering a storm. People are revealing who they truly are. Both Sanders and Warren are political figures who make their names speaking to the economic concerns of working families but who are very much committed to the inherently white supremacist American project. The tears Bernie Sanders cries over the inability of the Democratic Party to speak to “the white working class” (as distinct from the rest of us proles) and Elizabeth Warren’s ability to “overlook differences” with Donald Trump to focus on the “middle class” place them both squarely in the American tradition of populist white supremacy. Yes, from time to time they both speak to the material conditions of the beleaguered non white populations who mysteriously suffer the pains of capitalism at “disproportionate levels” but when the phrase “white working class” is uttered they come running to pledge undying allegiance. Time. And. Time. Again.

Everyone else listed above has a voice and has carved out a role in the shaping popular consciousness. The list of famous personalities who have positioned themselves as the opposition and then given cover to Trump and the zombie apocalypse that has coagulated around his campaign could fill libraries of shame. This was a brief sampling of collective national disgrace. But these opinions are widely shared throughout the country. It is not merely the mainstream shapers of ideas and culture speaking this dribble. The #notalltrumpvoters enablers are everywhere. This apologism, this enabling, this legitimization must end immediately. Yes it is that bad. Yes the country is full of horrible people. There are many people who are not horrible. Who feel the sting of deindustrialization who worry about the future but whose solution is not to ban all Muslims or build a wall on the Mexican border. There are plenty of decent people with decent responses to economic concern. There is no human decency to be found in the zombie apocalypse. That is why they voted for a hate speech candidate. He is horrible. They are horrible. That’s why they love him.

There is no legitimizing Trump. There is no changing the fact that he was a hate speech candidate and made his appeal upon that ground. The truth is that Donald Trump won over sixty million votes because he said ban Muslims. Donald Trump won over sixty million votes because he said it was good to attack Black protestors. Donald Trump won over sixty million votes because he referred to bragging about sexual assault as “locker room talk.” Donald Trump got over sixty million votes because he said build the wall Mexico will pay.
Donald Trump won sixty million votes because the most advantaged section of the working class believes that they are being cheated by the advances of anyone else. Donald Trump did not win in spite of bigotry but because of it.

Donald Trump was a hate speech candidate. Anyone who shies away from that basic fact is an enabling the consolidation of white nationalism. Whether they have the attention of the world like Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert and the like or they are just the most vocal member of their social circle they are functioning as enablers of white nationalism. Similar to global warming deniers they are not just wrong, they are dangerous. This is dangerous. White nationalism is on the rise. White nationalism is dangerous. Do not turn away. Do not live in denial. The battle for tomorrow can be won. It will require courage. The first act of courage will be making an honest assessment of the situation. Stop the denials. Stop the lies. Stop the enabling. This system does not deserve your loyalty. White nationalists are not asking to be saved from themselves. Do not give white nationalism a chance. Do not give fascism a chance. Smash fascism.

Image: Huffington Post


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