This Week in the Southwest

This Week in the Southwest
By: Irene Sanchez
The Southwest Political Report

A short compliation of news/events from December 8th-December 15th

Corpus Christi, Texas
Corpus Christi Water Has Dangerous Chemical
In Corpus Christi this week, a dangerous chemical used in asphalt may have contaiminated the city’s water supply. A news release from the city stated that anywhere from 3-24 gallons of the chemical may be in the water and residents are advised not to use the tap water until further notice.

Bakersfield, California
Unarmed Elderly Man With Dementia Shot by Police
Francisco Serna, 73 years old was shot by Bakerfield Police and died after a woman called claiming he had a gun. Francisco Serna often took walks at night to help him go to sleep. He was pronounced dead and all he had on him was a dark wood colored crucifix.

Border Patrol Counts of Deaths on the Border Are Not Accurate
The state government is reporting a decrease in deaths along the U.S. Mexico Border in Arizona, but new data shows that the numbers are not accurate between what the federal government reports and what the state of Arizona reports. The Border Patrol only counts migrant deaths as those it’s agents find while Pima County counts all deaths they deem migrant based on their own criteria which leads to discrepancies between the agencies.

San Antonio, Texas
ICE Agrees to Provide 24-hour Notice Prior to Releasing Families
On December 3rd, 2016, ICE released families consisting mainly of mothers and children from Central America after a ruling stated that “family detention centers” could not be licensed child care facilities. Aid workers were not prepared December 3-4 when 500 people were released without notice and without support they needed to get to their families in other parts of the U.S.

New Mexico
The Las Cruces Public School Board of Education has called for action to declare Las Cruces a sancturary city. “There is a Supreme Court ruling, Plyler v. Doe, which actually prohibits us from refusing services to students based on their immigration status,” Ewing told the board. “As teachers, collectively, we are only concerned with educating students who come in front of us. And so I say to the board, we pledge to continue educating students who come in front of us.”
This event comes after New Mexico State University in Las Cruces declared that it will not ban ICE on their campus or declare the university a sancturary campus on December 3rd.

Photo: Chicago Tribune
Corpus Christi Water Contamination


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