Trumpocracy and Global Fascism

Trumpocracy and Global Fascism
By: Matt Sedillo
The Southwest Political Report

“Increasingly most American firms the lion share of their business is overseas. For an oil company obviously the lion share of their business is overseas because thats where the oil happens to be.” – Richard Haass, former president of the council on foreign relations, on the appointment of Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson as Secratary of State.

“Exxon is in more countries than the state department” – Joe Scarborough on the world’s largest energy corporation.

“Fascism can best be defined as the merger of state and corporation.”- Benito Mussolini

A global fascist order is being established. It is happening sporadically unevenly but it is being carried out throughout the globe. The election of Donald Trump is the most significant event in this unfolding process thus far.

The national market with direct colonial holdings and imperial competition over those holdings that laid the basis for the Crimean War, The Spanish American War, The Russo-Japanese war, World War 1 and World War 2 has given way to something different and the same time on the surface in effect very much the same. The industrial world of national markets is going the way of the steam engine and the fax machine. The means by which human beings interact is rapidly changing and with it the social order that bolsters it must too change.

People do not want to see the world they grew up oin or the cultures and customs and rage they pledged undying allegiance to scrapped for the profits of billionaires. No fasicst solution anywhere can be opnely sold as what it is and gain popular support. To this effect Donald Trump used the language of white nationalism, misogyny and hatriotism during his campaign. That should never be shied away from. He built his campaign from the lumber and ashes of US history. He drew upon centuries of conquest and colonialism and millenia of patriarchy and misogyny to craft his message. He spoke to the concept that the white worker and the white family were being uniquely cheated. That the advance of any other worker of any other person came at their expense. That is poison and the crucible of US reaction. That should never be shied away from. To live in denial of that is not only wrong it is dangerous and opens the door to the acceptance and normalization of white nationalism. His political economic platform however is essentially no different than Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Dick Cheney, or Barrack Obama’s.

The destruction and evisceration of all civic society under way. Social services were never there because its right or just but simply because it facilitated the social reproduction of labor. Public education was always a pipeline long before the development of the prison industrial complex. It used to be a pipeline to a factory or a sweatshop. Yet this too is being stripped away as it has been stripped away for some decades now. As labor becomes more and more superfluous, the institutions such as public education or sanitation or the mail, put in place for the social reproduction of workers become unnecessary and vulnerable to what is referred to at times as neoliberalism, vulture capitalism, late capitalism and whole host of other terms and phrases. Whatever it is called this process is part of a decades long sweep against our basic ability to survive.

Under private property we live to surrender our labor or we die. Under conditions where our labor becomes superfluous we must turn to the state for survival. The state institutions that kept people alive in gaps of labor did so in order to exploit them at a later period. It is become clearer and clearer to state actors from both parties that increasingly for a section of the population that some day will never come.

Donald Trump is not unique in this assault. Donald Trump and the Trumpocracy is unique and the rate of the assault. His appointments include an oilman as secretary of state, a politician who vowed to destroy the department of energy as the department of energy, a boostrapper as the head of HUD, a charterizer as the head of education and perhaps most alarming of all to working people a CEO who advocated for automation in respsonse to the fight for 15 as the head of labor. This is cause for alarm.

Globalization the restructuring of human life and interaction in global manner is a process being carried out as it becomes increasingly humanly possible. That will happen independent of political machinations of anyone. Under these conditions globalization is taking place wherein international capital goes where it pleases and people everywhere lose their ability to access their basic necessities. This is globalization carried out by billionaires. In order for it to be carried out by the people will require political struggle for the ownership of the means of production.

There is cause for all people to be alarmed. An oilman is Secretary of State. A billionaire is president elect. Now is not the time for cynicism or sameasitalwayswasism. There is cause for alarm. Now is the time for organization and opposition. In the southwest, throughout the country and throughout this world if we are ever to be free of the various chains that bind us.

Onward to victory. Fuck Donald Trump.

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