Give not dying in a nuclear apocalypse a chance

Give not dying in a nuclear apocalypse a chance
By: Matt Sedillo
The Southwest Political Report

“I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections … we need to take action. And we will — at a time and place of our own choosing. Some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be.” – Barrack Obama

With the legal defeat of Hillary Clinton Obliterator of Nations conspiracies abound have flooded the internet about fake news and the possible Russian connection. During the campaigns of 2016 scores of websites which essentially amount to digital versions of the National Inquirer circulated the internet. These websites trafficked in fake articles designed to sway the election this much is true, but this is fitting for a fake election. Hillary Clinton won by three million votes but because the economic roots of this country reside in slavery Donald Trump will be president. Its really quite astonishing that not more is made of that by the DNC but then again they are party of Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Woodrow Wilson and the klansman Harry Truman. The Democrats cannot oppose the same racist program they are put in place to ensure. Their response to the rise of the potential fascism of Donald Trump is to threaten the survival of the living planet. And indeed outgoing Drone Commander Barrack Obama has threatened the future of the living Earth with this unprecedented vow of unspecified vengeance against the nation with the largest nuclear stockpile. Russia Will Pay could be the death of us all.

Russia as it stands today is run by oligarchs and the disparity of wealth and poverty within Russia is among the greatest in the world. Vladimir Putin was part of the coterie with Yeltsin that brought down the Soviet Union. There is nothing laudable about the current Russian government. All that said the cold war is an old war and in relationship to the US as well as Western Europe and Japan has always been in a defensive posture. Whether ruled by Czars, Politburos or its current formation hostile foreign imperial forces have since the industrial revolution sought to tear up Russia into many pieces in order to better exploit its land, labor and resource. 17 nations including The US, Japan and most of Western Europe invaded the Soviet Union in its beginnings. The eastern front of World War 2 was largely about German expansion into Eastern Europe. There is a reason World War 2 is to to this day in Russia as the “great patriotic war.”

As with this entire history Russia vis a vis the United States Russia is not the aggressor. The US is. With the assassination of Andrey Karlov and possible conflict arising between Russia and NATO member Turkey the threat of war grows stronger. Nuclear war could spell doom for the living planet.

No war with Russia. Give not dying in a nuclear apocalypse a chance.

As of this writing Donald Trump had announced his intentions to establish a National Trade Council to be headed by economist Peter Navarro. In 2011 Peter Navarro penned the book Death by China as well as Crouching Tiger: What does China’s militarism mean to the World?
This comes less than a month following his conversation with the Prime Minister of Taiwan breaking decades of diplomatic protocol. Donald Trump ran the most explicitly anti Chinese campaign in recent history. His rhetoric of “China, China, China” has ammounted to war talk out of a war economy.

In 2011 when speaking before a crowd in Las Vegas he promised that should he ever become president he would tell the Chinese government “Listen you Motherfuckers we are going to tax you 25 %.” This is not good.

As of the writing of this article China was not bombing 7 separate nations. The US was. There is no such thing nor has their ever been such a thing as Chinese aggression against the United States. It is the US that is taking the aggressive posture. The economic growth of China is viewed by many sectors of US capital to be a mortal threat to US global domination. The Chinese economy will continue to expand as will its relations with much of the world. As it stands today China has the largest standing military on earth outstripping the US by nearly a million active personel. China is also home to the 5th largest nuclear stockpile on earth. “Listen you motherfuckers”could be the death of us all.

No war with China. Give not dying in a nuclear apocalypse a chance.

It is our responsibility living here to the people of China, of Russia, to ourselves and the people of the world to do what we must to prevent nuclear war.

All I am saying is give plant and animal life a chance.

Photo: Motherjones



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