This is Not a Democracy

This is Not a Democracy
By: Matt Sedillo
The Southwest Political Report

With the non election and direct legal installation of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States much debate has emerged around the meaning, significance and origin of the electoral college. Essays, petitions, conspiracy theories have all emerged in the wake of the oncoming doom represented by the Eugencist in Chief and the ghoulish set of robber barons filling his cabinet. In regards to the electoral college this would seem to be so much pontification, so much avoidance of the obvious, so many wasted words as the answers are quite simple. The electoral college means we do not live in a democracy. The significance is that we live in a nation of lies, a nation whose economic foundations are rooted in chattel slavery upon real estate acquired in genocide. The origins of the electoral college are rooted in the origins of the US which simply stated are slavery and genocide.

The law is the legal expression of the economy. There was not a single aspect of the US economy at the time of its founding that was untouched by economic engine of slavery. The constitution and all its ratifications including the establishment of the electoral college are the legal expression of slavocracy. I reach for a vomit bag every time someone uses the phrase “the genius of our founders.” The celebration of the founding fathers, the celebration of slave drivers and native killers, is not simply morally reprehensible but completely incongruent with the pursuit of a just and equitable world. It is an expression, and indeed among the highest expressions, of American Exceptionalism. It is not a singular error that stands alone but representative of an ideology that leads to all kinds of other errors. That mud simply cannot be dragged into the house without ruining the carpets, the drapes, the furniture, family portraits, everything.

American Exceptionalism, like all ideologies forged in bigotry and hierarchy, flies in the face of material reality and prevents any and all rational thought or explanation for any current set of affairs. It prevents the obvious from being stated, dealt with and organized upon or against. American Exceptionalism is at the root of why a candidate could lose by three million votes and “win” an election and have that be generally accepted without much complaint at all. If America is doing it than it must be right. Who are you going to believe America or your owning lying mind?

Hillary Clinton, the ideas and visions of the 2016 DNC and Imwithherism rightly won the Presidential election of 2016 by nearly three million votes. As Make America Great Again destroys and scapegoats, scapegoats and destroys that should always be remembered. While remembering the illegitimacy of Twitler and rise of the Alt Reich, it should also never be forgotten just what Imwithherism and the 2016 DNC were all about. The ideas and visions of the DNC 2016 represented a rainbow coalition of death that simultaneously embraced the shattering of ceilings and nations. From Sebastian De La Cruz to Eva Longoria to Khizr and Ghazala Khan to America Ferrera to Michelle and Barrack Obama and to Hillary Clinton herself the simultaneous celebration of diversity and power coalesced into Imwithherism. Imwithherism is the ideology of America is Already Great. It is the celebration of a diverse and powerful people united in the destruction of all who might oppose it. Any notion of America’s greatness is rooted in its position in the world. Any domestic critic who begins their critique by saying “I love my country its the greatest country in the world” is beginning by embracing American Exceptionalism. They are embracing imperialism. Imwithherism is as deeply rooted in American Exceptionalism and embrace of global murder and mayhem as anything that emerged out of the 2016 RNC with its cries of Make America Great Again.

Make America Great Again which at times has threatened to spill over into direct calls for ethnic cleansing has rightly horrified millions and disgustingly galvanized millions of others as well. In the aftermath of the legal victory of Twitler American Exceptionalists of various stripes, most notably Bernie Sanders have gone into overdrive to explain away the obvious. Article after article argument after argument speaking to the necessity to understand and even embrace the concerns and woes of a so called White Working Class, whose pain must be understood to know why they would vote in someone so clearly racist as Donald Trump. Donald Trump it can be conceded is a racist but not his supporters because uh you know uh…. trade. This rush to defend the indefensible to explain away is at the heart of American Exceptionalism and broader still at the heart of the whole of the American ideology. The American ideology, Americanism, can be summed up best in one word. Denial.

Make no mistake Hillary Clinton is horrific. But that is no reason to vote in someone who made the building of a wall with Mexico or ban over a billion Muslims from entry central to his campaign to the presidency. He is awful. He represents the worst of this country. His supporters are awful. They represent the worst. Deplorable is too kind a word. Millions of people have been economically abandoned. They didn’t vote to ban Muslims. Millions of people have been abandoned and didn’t vote for the characterization of Mexicans as drug dealers, rapists and bad hombres. Millions of people have been economically abandoned and did not vote for punishing women for having abortions. Millions of people who have very real material problems and concerns have turned away from Trump in revulsion. Millions of other people embraced Make America Great Again. Millions of others turned to fascist solutions to solve their material problems. It is right to call people who believe in fascist solutions fascists. It is the height of American Exceptionalism to believe that entering into a period of economic revolution that somehow because America is Already Great there will be no political reaction, or to frame reaction as confusion. During the Presidential election Make America Great Again and America is Already Great were competing visions of American Exceptionalism. In the aftermath of the election they walk hand in hand. It is the America is Already Great crowd who legitimizes the Zombie Apocalypse unleashed by the Make America Great Again campaign. It is the America is Already Great crowd who is asking you to disbelieve what unfolded before our very eyes.

Disbelief of how vile and bigoted a section of the population is prevents accurate analysis of the situation and it is a material threat to non-white populations within the United States. It denies the realities of political reaction. It is not just wrong it is dangerous. Belief in the general goodness of the majority of the so-called American people, including the vast majority of the ethnically diverse Imwithherist Clinton voters, spells doom for the whole of humanity. The US is a nuclear juggernaut that poses the most material threat on planet earth to the survival of the living planet. A good portion of the US population from all its diverse backgrounds is convinced that is the way it should be. That the US is number one and that God or providence has willed it as such. This is a horrifying reality and all these ideas are rooted in the same basic denial of the world as it actually is. All this is rooted in excuses made for murder and mayhem, exploitation and oppression. All of this is a celebration of imperial bloodshed.

Nothing can be discussed accurately through the vehicle of American Exceptionalism. That is why our elections are nothing but parades of murderous absurdity. US elections revolve around questioning the humanity of various populations around the globe both foreign and domestic. Are those people standing over there actually human? That’s a US election. 2016 represented the ugliest one in a very long time.

There is much to discuss outside the bounds of fear, hate and magic that clouds the thinking of most people’s political minds. It is true that the whole of the working class has been abandoned. For the past 40 years the productive base of the national and global economy has been undergoing a technological revolution that increment by increment stage by stage will replace the whole of all social relations brought about by the industrial revolution. Automation and what can be described as the Robotic Revolution is destroying the old relationships between labor and capital that make the economic world spin. This is an economic crisis. This is a political crisis. This is a crisis in the organization of human life. The manner in which any population, any nation, will pass through this crisis is rooted in the history of that population and that nation. How the US will pass through this global process shall be given its unique shape by its history, its demographics and the history of its demographics.

The US population is not a single population but rather a diverse set of populations with various historical developments. The position of individuals within society is tightly bound to these demographic histories. It is not a subjective choice but rather a position one is born into whether they embrace it or not, whether they are conscious of it or not. The economy today is structured by historical conquest. That’s just a fact. The general position by in large of entire populations within the structure of the economy is not a side issue, an ethnic study or identity politics. It is material reality. No one is scapegoated at random. No one has their vote suppressed at random. That happens because of the structure of society and of the economy. The structure of this economy is capitalist but specific to the history of socioeconomic development of this country. The ideology of this country is capitalist as well but again specific to this history of the socioeconomic development of this country.

Make America Great Again is a call for ethnic cleansing. America is Already Great is a call for the integration of thrones of blood. Neither are democratic. Neither are great. This cannot be made great. It is not already great. This is not the greatest democracy on earth. Its elections don’t even count. This is not a democracy. Fuck Donald Trump. He didn’t win.

Photo: The New Yorker


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