Political Theater and Capitalist Realities

Political Theater and Capitalist Realities
By Matt Sedillo
The Southwest Political Report
Barack Obama and Donald Trump have spent the past few days vying for top headlines. The contrast in demeanor, style, temperament could not be more stark. Barack Obama exiting his presidency delivered a speech with great style, wit and above all his signature ease upon the world stage. In his time as a public figure very few politicians have shown the communication skills of Barack Obama. He knows what to say, how to say it and how not to step on an applause. The stop start cadence of his speech indicates gives the air of someone who is constantly thinking and relaxed. No political figure in my lifetime has performed thoughtful consideration as convincingly as Barack Obama not Bill Clinton nor Ronald Regan the only two who could even be considered rivals in this respect. Bill Clinton may have worked a small room better, the presidency unplugged as it were. Ronald Regan may have performed decent strength and reluctant might with a bit more of a twinkle in the eye but none can touch Obama’s ability to seem as though he is speaking thoughtfully and spontaneously. His farewell speech carried all the hallmarks of his rhetorical performance career as US president. Leaving his position as the world’s leading warlord Obama exits as he entered as one of the finest salesman of murder and mayhem this country has ever known.
Donald Trump is a mess. Whereas Obama’s final lap has been carefully orchestrated and his demeanor impeccably composed Donald Trump’s week has been far more chaotic and absurd. Throughout much of his first press conference since becoming President Select, Donald Trump began much of his first press conference attacking the website Buzzfeed, Lindsay Graham, CNN, the specter of fake news, Chinese fortresses and closed his conference with the threat of firing his own sons should they fail him in their management of the Trump empire of frequent bankruptcy. There were binders and folders filled with  papers sitting next to him the entire time which he explained as his business dealings, that was bizarre. He explained a plot to expose a leak from intelligence briefings that was straight out of the plot from the movie The Departed. That was bizarre. The focal point of the press conference was his conflict with CNN reporter Jim Acosta who he repeatedly called “rude” and said of “youre fake news.” This treatment of Jim Acosta, the shouting down and shutting out, was highly reminiscent of his early conflicts with Jorge Ramos. The salacious accusations included in the Buzzfeed article, that Russian intelligence had created a dossier on Donald Trump including his alleged sexual proclivities were not named but loomed large over the whole affair. Prepare for years of disgrace.
The contrast could not be more stark. However this is all theater.
The true national disgrace is this, we live in a society that will celebrate a man for dropping bombs on people every twenty minutes because he is classy, because he speaks in thoughtful tones, because he seems to genuinely love his wife and kids.
We live in a society where an open eugenicist’s campaign for ethnic cleansing is less socially shameful than the fact that he may or may not like to get peed on.

This is ridiculous.

We need to grow up and face material conditions. Abandon the myth of the good king. There are no good kings. Feudalism is horrible. Capitalism is horrible. There is no way to govern a capitalist nation in a humane way. There is no way to run the most powerful killing machine in human history in a humane manner either.

We live in the richest country on earth and people are literally dying in the streets. We have millions of people locked up in cages. We have more human cages than anywhere on earth. The cops shot over a thousand people last year. Millions of people have been torn out their homes and ejected from the country, destroying families. Three US bombs drop an hour on countries our media demonizes as violent and threats to “global security” whatever that means. That’s the real world, not this clownish nonsense, not this political theater. Camelot isn’t real.




Boston Globe

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