Resist The Ban. End the War.

Resist The Ban. End the War.

By Matt Sedillo

The Southwest Political Report

Resist The Ban because it is wrong. It may be unconstitutional. Laws change. Under Trump, who will fire any defectors, Bannon and with possibly only Jeff Sessions to hold them back, laws may change quite rapidly. It maybe true that first Trump will come for the Muslims and later you and that this sets the precedent for open assault upon your life and dignity. Maybe, but in and of itself The Ban is wrong and that is why it is right to oppose The Ban. That is why it is right to shut down traffic. That is why it is right to protest. That is why it is right to support strikes. That is why it is right to boycott Uber. It is right to oppose The Ban because The Ban is wrong. Enough about the constitution. Be better than the constitution. Be better than the genocidal slave drivers who concocted it.

Popular support for The Ban cannot be disconnected from decades of extreme anti Muslim programming from politicos and popular media at large. Decades of politicians demonizing the very countries we are bombing set the conditions wherein 60 million people could vote for a hate speech candidate who today is merely fulfilling a campaign promise. The population has been conditioned to the point where both major candidates were advocating horrific treatment of US Muslims as a matter of policy. Hillary Clinton the Obliterator of Nations preferred the model of inspiring fear through a kinder gentler state surveillance and the demand for a community of informants that would pledge allegiance upon demand. Trump on the other hand campaigned on state surveillance as well and added what amount to exclusion acts and databases. This was for Muslims within the US. Abroad both these candidates advanced the outright warlord mentality towards many Muslim majority nations that permeates both political parties.

The Ban specifically was a key piece of Trump’s campaign and was introduced at a pivotal moment when he was struggling to put distance between himself and his two closest rivals, the marauding Christian Crusaders Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Ben Carson was the only candidate to take the lead in the national polls from Trump once he had wrenched it from the hands of Jeb Bush. Ted Cruz had defeated Trump in Iowa, the first of the Republican primaries.

Trump’s first task in securing the Republican nomination was the defeat of preordained frontrunner Jeb Bush. Given Bush’s strategy and personal life Trump’s line of attack was understandably waged largely on the Mexican question. With Donald Trump’s evil eye diverted ample room was given for hate speech candidates Ted Cruz and Ben Carson to more firmly secure the Crusader Vote.

Ted Cruz had promised carpet bombs that would make the desert “glow” and Ben Carson said that US Muslims were waging a “civilizational jihad” wherein people would “disguise themselves as moderate Muslims” in order to “infiltrate, multiply and take positions of power.” Carson also warned that at the southern border “people are just  coming through there at will. And a lot of them are what they call ‘OTMs’, other than Mexicans, and they are from northern Africa and the Middle East.” Ludicrous claims about the threat of Muslims “multiplying” (having children) and taking “positions of power” (getting jobs)  and a flood of OTMs coming in from the Rio Grande were at the center of the Ben Carson campaign. The Evangelical Vote which later broke for Trump in an enormous way has nothing to do with piety, humility, or charity and everything to do with flat out hate. The Evangelical Vote should more appropriately be branded the Crusader Vote.

Ted Cruz was a hate speech candidate. Ben Carson was a hate speech candidate. The Ban was crucial to the hate speech victory of Donald Trump.  The Republican primary was not necessarily won by the most hateful candidate, that may have been Chris Christie on nearly every front, but by the most effective marketer of hate. Which of course was Donald Trump and by no small margin. Trump was able to summarize hateful platforms in short sentences and phrases and could conjure concrete images that tickled and flattered the collective imagination of rabid bigots throughout the nation. The Wall destroyed the Bush dynasty. The Ban took away any possible winning strategy from Carson and Cruz, his only two legitimate competitors. Trump had covered his bases of hate in catchphrases bigots could believe in and easily repeat to one another.

The Ban cannot be understood outside the material realities of war, war profiteering, oil markets and the global quest for land, labor, resources and accesses to markets. The Ban is horrific. So is every major episode of US history. None of these nations on the banned list Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen have ever bombed, orchestrated a coup, deposed then executed a head of state, fomented a civil war, fomented a civil war resulting in the street execution of a head of state, or armed a nation the US was at war with with nerve gas. Collectively the US has done one or more of these things to every nation on this list. The US is the aggressor.

George H. Bush waged a brutal war against Iraq. Bill Clinton waged a horrific war of sanctions against Iraq costing them half a million lives. Madeleine Albright said it was “worth it.” George W. Bush waged a genocidal war against Iraq and launched the longest war in US history against Afghanistan. W. and co. also introduced torture methods from the Spanish inquisition. Barrack Obama campaigned on ending “dumb wars” and fighting the “real ones.” For these words alone he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize before even assuming office. In his final year as President, Obama bombed one of seven Muslim nations on an average of once every twenty minutes.

The Ban cannot be separated from the recent imperial history. The Democrats have played a leading role in recent global marauding. War is a bipartisan racket. So disgusting then is it to watch as the Democrats try to take credit for or embrace the energy of the spontaneous resistance that has arisen against The Ban.

Elizabeth Warren descended upon Logan Airport to absorb the energy and mislead everyone within earshot with her continued murderous absurdity. She should have been asked why if she cares so deeply about the lives and dignity of Muslim peoples she thought it was ok to approve a man named “Mad Dog” to Secretary of Defense. The same could be asked of Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton has also weighed in saying “this is not who we are.” One could ask Clinton exactly who are we then and who is she, she who once said of the street assassination, “we came,we saw, he died.” Just who is Hillary Clinton  and what political line was she representing when she threatened to “totally obliterate” Iran?

It is equal disgusting to watch so called “moderate” Republicans try to build their political brand off this moment. John McCain and Lindsay Graham in a joint conference, supposedly a blistering critique, spoke of The Ban as a “self inflicted wound.” John McCain is the most bloodthirsty figure in the US senate who has sang songs about bombing Iran. He has promised there would “be more wars” he spoke of the possible of century long occupations. So long as we live in a country where phrases like “I may not always agree with him but John McCain is a good man” is not far from the average persons mind or lips we will continue to be a nation of war and no corner of the world shall be safe from US industrial scale bloodlust.

People in this country are angry. They should be. The left wing of the Democrats are rushing to herd that energy back into the war machine. That cannot be allowed to happen. There is a “moderate” bipartisan effort underway to convince us all to go home and let the adults handle Trump. That cannot happen. Both parties are the parties of murder and mayhem. Their reach is global. Their evil is unparalleled. Their service to capital is unbreakable. Their thirst for lives is unquenchable. They are who they are.

The Republicans are warlords. The Democrats are warlords. War is not the answer. Neither are the Democrats. Neither are moderates. Neither are so called progressives. And neither is the damn constitution. Be better than those who seek to control us. Resist The Ban. End the war.

Seth  Wenig/AP photo

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