The Hunt For Red November: Blaming Russia Won’t Fix America

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The Hunt For Red November: Blaming Russia Won’t Fix America

By Matt Sedillo

A specter is haunting some of the most basic narratives of American exceptionalism. A Klu Klux Kleptocracy now resides at 1600 Pennsylvania and no one wants to be honest about why. A reign of vulgar surrealism has cast its shadow over the oval office and nation as whole. The Washington Consensus has been replaced by alternative facts and shrub diving press secretaries. An internet troll has taken the reigns of the most powerful nation on Earth and self-appointed leader of the free world. The United Intelligentsia of denial kicked up into over drive. Denying that a hate speech candidate won the hate speech vote on the basis of a hate speech campaign became a quest of singular importance to those who soothe and lie for their daily bread.

In the days and weeks following the electoral college installation of President Business/Lord Christendom/ Reigning Patriarch of White Supremacy/ YouTube Comment Section in Chief, his vulgarity Donald J. Trump, article after article thinkpiece after thinkpiece emerged to tell us how the Democrats had lost their way and had forgotten about the so called “White Working Class” and in doing so brought this crushing defeat upon themselves. In the United States of Denial, denying White Supremacy is king. According to this logic Hillary Super Predator Clinton did not do enough to win the Klan vote. This despite Clinton’s own history of saying things like she appealed to “hard working Whites” and various other episodes of extreme racism. So many truly awful words that made no sense. Are communities of color not working class? Had they not been impacted by trade deals such as NAFTA and forty years of deindustrialization? And since when was the Rust Belt White anyhow?  If the point is to emphasize the class dimensions of life as lived why hyphenate it with the title White? Tears and pity for the forgotten White man, for the abandoned White worker, for the little White family can only last so long before exhausting all mental dexterity. But as with anything for the denial industrial complex there are no permanent arguments only permenant realities in need of explaining away. Other equally absurd explanations were already developing and being pushed to the fore.

Hardly had the poetic wax melted from the pain of White Working Class or the rust belt or whatever that an equally absurd explanation emerged as ultimate explanation. Perhaps the Trump vote had been a confused vote. A vote defined by bewilderment brought on by the dirty tricks of an old nemesis now rearing their their dreaded Ushanka. The Ruskies!!! The Russians had destroyed democracy. And the Democrats for one were not having it. Figures big and small within Democratic party have taken turns beating the anti Russian drum. Most prominently, on his way out the door, Drone Commander Barrack Obama pledged, in the most reckless presidential act since Cold Warrior JFK almost destroyed life on Earth in order to halt Cuba’s liberation from literal gangsters, that he had left orders to commit an unspecified act of vengeance against the Russians. He wouldn’t say how, where or when, but he wanted us all to rest assured, Russia would pay for whatever it is they exactly did. There was no smoke, no gun, no smoking gun, just the kinds of threats that could lead to mushroom clouds.

In the first few months of the cataclysmic Trumpocracy a Russian bear stalks the fear and imagination of politicians and pundits alike. Wall to wall, hour to hour coverage of back channels, of secret tapes, sordid events, rumors of sordid events, rumored conversations about sordid events, legal but distasteful conversations, national secrets tweeted to the world,  tapped phone conversations, of dastardly lies told on the phone conversation because phone tapping had been presumed, nefarious prioritization the phone calls, far too kind words for our enemies, far too aggressive handshakes of our friends, far too kind words for frienemies and far too aggressive words with other frienemies, the physical assault of heads of state of smaller nations and fraternizing with orbs and swords and the like flood the national televised airwaves, litter print and online journalism and spread across social media like so many think pieces and did you hear wildfire and shape the national conversation and imagination. The media has dutifully reported upon the intelligence agency’s and The Hunt For Red November. The Russians and not sixty million bigots, the Russians and not our own undemocratic institutions were to blame for the installation of Twitler to the Oval Office.

Between the White House’s embrace of a postmodern take on reality where facts alternate and Covfefe reigns and the absurd logical leaps made by the Russia Will Pay industrial complex, it is very difficult to discern where the truth lies and the lies begin.

The truth is there are plenty of legitimate reasons to hate Trump. There are plenty of reasons to fear the specific threat of Trump. A hate speech candidate represents a specific threat. A hate speech President even moreso. But it should be stated clearly that Donald Trump is not being targeted by the intelligence community, the congress or senate, or media conglomerates for any of the legitimate reasons that there are to demand his ouster. Donald Trump is not being targeted by the Democrats nor by so called brave, moderate, principled or another hyphenated brand of Republicanism, nor by large media conglomerates for his racial vigilantism. Nor does he find himself targeted by these entities for his overt predatory misogyny. Rather Agent Orange is facing potential ouster under the color of the accusation that he is the agent of a foreign power. Because how else in The United States of Denial could a bigoted kleptocrat, border warrior, father knows bestist, flat out eugenicist rise to the seat of power in the land of the free? What else but foreign intrigue could account for the corruption of the so called greatest Democracy on earth? In 2017 denial runs deep in the public imagination on the question of the Klu Klux Kleptocracy residing at 1600 Pennsylvania, what it means, how it got here and who is to blame.

In a recent interview held in St. Petersberg Russia with Megyn Kelly, Vladimir Putin denied any Russian involvement in the US election and also weighed in on just how difficult it would be to sway the votes of tens of millions of people.

While his initial denial may be unconvincing to many observers there is some profound level of truth to what an immense task it would be to flip an American election. I have no doubt that Russian intelligence agencies gathered information about the US election as it unfolded. I have no doubt Russian intelligence developed relationships with key figures in both major parties. I have no doubt of that. I have no doubt that the Israelis, the British, the Chinese, the Saudis, the Turks, the Indians, the South Koreans and various other nations did the same. I am certain that paper trails of various nations will lead directly to the Trump white house. Should such investigations had been carried out I am sure this all would have been true as well of Clinton, Obama, Romney, McCain, Bush, Kerry etc. There is very likely a “there” there to be found but that “there” there, well that “there there” is everywhere.

The Russian Prime Minister went on to speak to the fact that the electoral college is inherently undemocratic, that the US interferes in elections throughout the world, that there are popular theories that Kennedy was assassinated by U.S. intelligence agencies, and that the Feds and local Police forces broke up Occupy Wall Street. There the Ruskies go again, up to their old tricks, telling us the truth about the country we live in.

The strange scenario wherein an American reporter attempts to shame or wrench truth, justice and the American way out of a foreign head of state only to have the tables reversed by large doses of plainly stated fact was reminiscent of Saddam Hussein speaking about the U.S. occupation of Hawaii. It also echoed the more recent statement by Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte wherein he touched upon the injustices faced by African Americans at the hands of US law enforcement. Whatever was true about Hussein and whatever is true about Duterte and Putin what they are saying about the US is true. Pointing the finger at Uncle Sam in no way shape or form exonerates any head of state or government from their own crimes. However The United States pointing the finger at anyone for having meddled in their affairs is a joke. It is in fact a killing joke. When the US lies it is dangerous. The War Machine’s lies lead to war.

The truth about Donald Trump is that he is an international criminal and very likely does have ties to Russian criminality just as he is tied to criminals and state actors across the globe. The disparity of wealth in Russia is some of the highest in the world. It is an extremely corrupt country and extremely corrupt people rise to power and prominence within it. The disparity of wealth in the United States is some of the highest in the world. It is an extremely corrupt country and extremely corrupt people rise to power and prominence within it. Look no further than Trumps.

The truth is the Trump family have already converted the Oval Office into their personal slush fund headquarters and what the Trumps, principally Donald and Ivanka, have already done in the light of day with the whole world watching in relationship to Japan, China and Saudi Arabia is far, far, far more corrupt than anything even rumored to be in Trump’s Russian portfolio. They are literally meeting with heads of state and brokering deals for their business empire. The levels of Kleptocracy are shocking. Dick Cheney would blush.

As it happens that there is no preexisting strategy towards war with Japan and Saudi Arabia so there is no talk of colluding with a foreign power. The frienemy relationship with China is to codependent to give them the Russian treatment so there too so much silence.

It is also true that a British firm that had directly worked for the Cruz campaign and later the Trump campaign was hired to mine data and influence elections. Cambridge Analytica, of previous Brexit fame, specializes in researching regions, demographics and voting patterns with the explicit purpose of influencing elections. That is not a rumor. That is not a conspiracy. That is a business model. To challenge their right to do this would however undermine British US relations and call in to question the rights of capital to move freely through the world. In the neoliberal era questioning Capital’s right to supersede national law is completely forbidden.

It is also true that very, very dangerous people who are in very, very powerful positions are not so much using Russia as a pretext to oust Trump but rather are using the potential ouster of Trump as a pretext to engage in a war that could end life on earth. For warlords like John McCain and Lindsey Graham war isn’t just a racket, it’s a passion. There are key and crucial figures in the will be televised “resistance” who have been calling for and pushing military escalation with the Russians for at the very least a decade now.

In 2008, John McCain howled over the Russian Georgian conflict “21st nations don’t invade other nations.” This was during his presidential campaign. The same presidential campaign he also called for a 100 year occupation of Iraq said “there will be more wars” and sang “bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.” In a nation of warlords John Man O’ War McCain’s taste for blood is unrivaled. This global hooligan is extremely dangerous.  The Russia Will Pay Brigade threaten to destroy the world before public admission of what this country really is can be allowed. They would rather burn this world to the ground than admit how this house was truly built and who it was built over.

Russia is not to blame for the election of Trump. Neither is Cambridge Analytica. People aren’t children they cast their votes as they did. In the short run the electoral college is to blame for the installation of the Eugenicist in Chief. He lost by nearly three million votes. How we all go on discussing the world at large as though that were not the case is a disgraceful testament to our own acquiescence the police state and our general submission to “our betters.” Donald Trump lost by three million votes. Donald Trump lost by three million votes. Donald Trump lost by three million votes. If the loyal opposition were worth a damn they would focus on that and attempt to retroactively repeal the built in coup that is the Electoral College.

Donald Trump got the votes he got on the basis of being a hate speech candidate. That is how he cleared the Republican field. Sixty million extremely dangerous people voted for Donald Trump. If we lived in a more honest country we would focus on that.

There is evidence, as there is always evidence even when the Democrats win by large margins of mass voter suppression against black and brown communities. If we lived in a more honest country and if the Democrats were worth a damn and didnt care more about upholding White Supremacy than winning elections, we could focus on that. But we don’t, they aren’t so it won’t happen.

There is likely some secret handshake that Trump at one point engaged in with someone’s Russian cousin that may turn out to be the cause for his ouster. If it stops there, cool. Hate Speech in Chief presents a clear and present danger to millions upon millions of us living here and I would not be sad to see him in some cuffs. Should that ouster however also be accompanied by the logical conclusions of the Russia Will Pay Death Cult, it is game over for our species and with it most mammalian and reptilian life on this planet.

The loyal opposition cannot oppose the system. Trump is America. Donald Trump lost by three million votes. Blaming Russia won’t fix America. Power to the people.

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