Donald Trump is a Joke. U.S. Imperialism is Not.

The Southwest Political Report

The Hunt For Red November: Blaming Russia Won’t Fix America

By Matt Sedillo


Laughter is healthy. Some say laughter is the best medicine. Laughter is intellectual some would even say spiritual. What an individual does and does not find funny offers tremendous insight into their values, temperament and worldview. Here at the Southwest Political Report we believe that laughter is political and that Donald Trump is a God Damn joke.

Humiliation is an integral component to the fight against fascism. People should be made to feel horribly ashamed for being fascists. Fascists know no moral shame so they must shamed through other means. There should no be a distinction between humiliating fascists and organizing to crush their movement. It is right to mock and scorn them in every step of the process. Agent Orange and the Zombie Apocalypse must be defeated. Donald Trump and all that he represents is poison. He is a joke. What he represents is not. U.S imperialism is no joke.

The US is a war machine. In any situation around the globe it is the aggressor. There is no conflict on planet earth wherein the US is involved and it is not the aggressor. The US war machine does not act in humanitarian methods. Its aims are never egalitarian. War is a racket. For US warlords, its entire political class, it is also a passion.

The US corporate media may be at odds with Trump for his unruly and unpredictable Jacksonian detours off the standardized coded language of political and commercial white supremacy, but no matter how bellicose his rhetoric they will follow any inklings he has towards war.

In fact it was Van Jones who said Trump in celebrating the murderous life of a navy seal that Trump had made himself “the President of the United States.” Fareed Zakariah needed more than rhetoric to heap thanks and praise. But, as soon as the bombs dropped Fareed Zakariah joined the chorus of “I think tonight Donald Trump became President of the United States.” Brian Williams was quoting Leonard Cohen songs over the bloodshed. Calling our “weaponry” beautiful. In the eyes of liberal imperialists the blood of the world had washed Trump clean.

This is because liberal or conservative, high and low, rich and poor for the most part the mindset of most of this country is imperialist. A poll in 2015 showed that one of three republicans and one out of five democrats wanted to bomb Agrabah.

This is not Trumpian aberration this is not Trump dialing up what was already there. This is a consistent theme throughout this country. Hillary Clinton, the obliterator of nations, was every bit if not more the bloodthirsty imperialist than Donald Trump. Donald Trump’s most consistent high profile Republican critic John McCain was a man who sang of his blood-lust to bomb Iran.

This flirtation with nuclear apocalypse is not unique to Trump. It is as American as Trump or Clinton or Cruz, who ran on making the desert glow,  or Bernie Sanders, also a warlord it is what the US is. The US is a war machine. The culture of the war machine in 2017 is that of a nuclear death cult.

Just last week for the second time in less than a year a United States President has made a vague but extremely menacing general threat to a country with a nuclear arsenal. The sheer apocalyptic recklessness of the oval office between 2016-2017 stands out even for general American war machine culture. The nuclear bombast of Barack Obama and Donald Trump are horrifying and threaten to destroy the world.

On December 5th 2016, near the end of his days in office Barack Obama made an unspecified threat against the Russian federation, the nation state with the largest nuclear stockpile on earth. Obama swore an oath of vengeance “at a time and place of our own choosing.” He continued these threats saying of these attacks that “Some of it may be explicit and publicized, some of it may not be.” That is a provocation. That is dangerous. That is as if not more dangerous than anything Trump has done in the international field.

However not to be outdone on August 8th 2017 Donald Trump who just a few years ago often referred to the Chinese, the nation with the largest standing army on earth, as “motherfuckers” has now arms crossed super villain threatened the nation of North Korea with “fire and fury the likes of which the world has never seen.”

This dangerous world threatening behavior of Barack Obama and Donald Trump is extreme no doubt, but it is not at all an aberration. An aberration would be threatening Finland. An aberration would be a threat made against Switzerland. There is nothing out of the ordinary about threatening to destroy North Korea the Drone Commander Barack Obama even opined once whimsically “We could, obviously, destroy North Korea.” Threats against Russia are equally commonplace.

The United States has been a threat to Russia since the early 1900’s. Western Europe has been a threat to Russia since the industrial revolution. When the Soviet Union took power from the Czars in 1917 they were invaded by over a dozen nations to support the fascist backlash  to the Russian Revolution. In 1918 the US was part of that coalition. In 1918 the United States invaded Russia. In 1918 the United states invaded Russia. In 1918 the United States invaded Russia. NATO was established in 1949 for the purposes of waging the cold war against the Soviet Union. It was immediately put to use in 1950 to coordinate a war against Korea.

Since its founding in 1948 there have literally only been two years that North Korea has not been at war with the war aggressive United States of America. Literally speaking the Korean war never ended. Between 1950-1953 the United states forced a war on Korea that claimed as many as 5 million lives. This is all well within living memory. This war has not ended. If anti American sentiment exists in North Korea it is well deserved. If it does not exist as strongly in South Korea that speaks poorly on their behalf.

On April 17th 2017 Mike Pence visited the Demilitarized Zone on the North Korean South Korean border in order to better stare menacingly at North Korea. This joker said of his shameful mean mugging “this is a frontier of freedom. Now for more than six decades US forces and the forces of South Korea have held the line for freedom. Here at the DMZ and its inspiring to see the resolve of these young soldiers to see the alliance we have forged with the people of South Korea over the generations.”

Silly as his actions were there is quite a bit of truth to his pompous words. South Korea is united with the US in deep and profound ways. South Korea exists as it does in the world because of US imperialism. It was forged that way.

The first President of South Korea was a man named Syngman Rhee. Rhee was a vicious anti communist with ties US Secretary of State John Hay. Rhee had received his education at Harvard, Princeton and George Washington University. He was in every conceivable way Washington’s guy. This is how South Korea was born, forged for and by collaborators with US imperialism. It is propped up for those reasons.

Whatever North Korea is and whatever South Korea is, only one is aligned with the most aggressive nation state on earth, a monstrosity like the world has never seen, a country capable of fire and fury but not a shred of decency. Everywhere the war machine travels it brings only horror and carnage. Under the leadership of Trump and Pence it is a buffoonish reign of murder and mayhem but a reign of terror nonetheless.

Here is a thought experiment let us imagine a high ranking North Korean official standing in Juarez Mexico and staring menacingly into El Paso. Imagine such an official giving speeches about frontiers standing in Windsor Canada and glaring towards Detroit. This does not happen, this will not happen, because it is not North Korea that is the aggressor. It is the US. The US is an absurd, hypocritical and buffoonish aggressor at that. Donald Trump, giant chickens and Mike Pence’s face are all a joke and they would all be hilarious if not for how truly deadly U.S. imperialism is.


Photo Courtesy of Common Dreams


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