Rename Pershing Square to Pico Plaza

Rename Pershing Square to Pico Plaza
The Southwest Political Report
By: The Editors, Matt Sedillo and Irene Sanchez

Donald Trump has sided with Nazis, Klan and various other white supremacist organizations time and time again. This weekend was no exception. Even when bearing torches and chanting “blood and soil” he will not break from these organized acts of white terror. Trump’s response to Charlottesville has been as terrifying as it is telling. This is a nation’s president openly condoning white vigilante terror. There is no cap to how openly white supremacist the Trump administration will veer.

Donald Trump has said in response to acts of white terror in Charlottesville, that there was”blame on both sides” as well as saying that “not all these people were not white supremacists”  and most recently he has cited the historical memory of General John Pershing.

Trump stated in a tweet,

“Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!”

On April 28th, 2016 in Costa Mesa California Donald Trump gave a speech in which he detailed a story of John Pershing dipping bullets in pig’s blood and firing them into 49 Filipino men.

While this never happened General John Pershing was nonetheless a vicious American imperialist whose military career was defined by spilling of Apache, Sioux, Cree, Cuban, Filipino and Mexican blood.

In 1886 after graduating from West Point then Lieutenant Pershing was involved in military operations slaughtering the Apache.

In 1895 John Pershing was involved in military operations focused on deporting the Cree into Canada.

In 1898 John Pershing joined his friend Theodore Roosevelt in the slaughtering of Cubans and suppression of Cuban independence during the Spanish American War.

In 1899 John Pershing filled with blood-lust left his bureaucratic position in Washington as the head of the Division of Customs and Insular Affairs to kill Muslims in the Philippines.

In 1916 General Pershing led the so called  “Punitive Expedition” into Mexico. The aim of the expedition was to hunt down revolutionary leader Francisco Villa and punish the nation of Mexico as a whole. Villa was never engaged but over one hundred Mexicans were slaughtered by Pershing and his men. Pershing was known to have lamented not being more properly equipped to have killed more.

Pershing Square sits in the center of Downtown Los Angeles California. Los Angeles is a city known for its diversity and is home to many peoples and cultures. It is a disgrace to our city that John Pershing should be honored in this way.

There are many other notable figures of Los Angeles and California history for this public square to be named for.

We present the name Pico Plaza as an alternative. The namesake of the proposal Pio Pico was the last sitting governor of Alta California and was a Californio of Afro Mexicano descent. This would be a far better name for this shared place and far more reflective of Los Angeles.

Trump asks where will it end. Pershing was a murderer. His legacy cannot be untied from white supremacy. Los Angeles can do better.

Photo: Fox News


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