Chris Hedges is a Public Menace

Chris Hedges is a Public Menace

The Southwest Political Report

By: Matt Sedillo


If 500 Nazis are allowed to march unharassed, 10,000 will march the following the month. Whether Nazis, Confederates, Minutemen, Christian Crusaders, whatever particular strand of white supremacy or combined strands of hate brings the hatemonger to the party they must be confronted immediately.

The self deputizing, vigilante, already quasi-death squads must be confronted. They must be forced to crawl back to their basements and hotel rooms. The threat is real, so must the resistance be. If we are to transform society more work than this need be done. If we are to prevent self deputizing death squads from roaming the street they must fear public gathering. There is no way around this and there is no reason to think of this work as mutually exclusive.

Liberalism by definition is counterrevolutionary. In times of crisis it calls for the pacification of struggle and the return to normalcy. It posits that both right wing calls for ethnic cleansing and the resistance to that as equally menacing to the liberal order of society.

Liberalism is an ideology and practice not a state of being. Anyone can express “both sides ideology”, even eugenicist fascists like Donald Trump. Donald Trump is not a liberal by any means, but his infamous “many sides, many sides” response to the White Supremacist violence of Charlotsville was a textbook liberal response and increasingly is undiscernible from many prominent liberals particularly those posing as “leftists.”

The liberal onslaught of false equivalencies and its war cry of “both sides” is an ideology of death. In times of absolute crisis liberalism it is a death cult most often practiced by those not directly targeted by whatever platform of mass vigilantism is gaining momentum. When practiced by those who are directly targeted by fascist vigilante ideology, be it in White Supremacy, Male Supremacy, Christian Supremacy, American Exceptionalism, to name a few, or various other combinations of hate platforms, liberalism often takes on even greater levels cult like devotion to its cry of “both sides.” The notions that all sides have their point, that all sides know suffering and that all sides can be redeemed becomes the central focus of the liberal argument rather than defense of a given community or even a given self. In times of absolute crisis liberalism is death cult regardless of who is expressing it.

A favorite talking point of the liberal is the common economic pain and social alienation of fascists. The pain of fascist vigilantes is irrelevant to the conversation concerning the threat of fascist vigilante culture and organization.

Chris Hedges recently wrote in the opening paragraph to his latest article attacking Antifa that,

“Behind the rhetoric of the “alt-right” about white nativism and protecting American traditions, history and Christian values is the lust for violence. Behind the rhetoric of antifa, the Black Bloc and the so-called “alt-left” about capitalism, racism, state repression and corporate power is the same lust for violence.”

This is a bizarre statement that makes one wonder is Chris Hedges arguing that there is some kind of peaceful way to go about the organization of “white nativisim” or a non violent way to go about “protecting American traditions, history and Christian values” and if there were it would be respectable. His characterization of the so called “alt-left” is equally absurd. The term “alt-right” was possibly coined but definitely popularized by hipster eugenicist and ethnic cleanser Richard Spencer to obscure the fact that he was calling for ethnic cleansing. The term “alt-left” is a creation of the very same white supremacist politics that produced Richard Spencer and is now  being promoted both by the Ultra White and their liberal enablers to create false equivelancies.

Throughout his article Chris Hedges reaches across the oceans of space and time to make further false equivalencies between right wing death squads of central america and leftist revolutionaries, the Yugoslavian government and CIA sponsored literal Neo Nazis, Argentine fascist generals and leftist revolutionaries, and finally to the actual Nazis as led by Adolf Hitler and the communist resistance to Nazism. In short Chris Hedges gave “many sides, many sides” presentation of much of the 20th century in order to attack the idea of revolution from below.

In Chris Hedges presentation Donald Trump is seen as “a narcissistic kleptocrat, con artist and pathological liar.” He is correct in this. But this is not the basis of his appeal. Donald Trump’s appeal lies not in his casual realtionship with facts, or his vainglorious public persona and certainly not in his personal corruption. The appeal of Donald Trump is his call for a wall on the southern border with the demand that Mexicans pay for the wall. Donald Trump demands that Mexico pays for what they have done to White America. Donald Trump’s legion of vigilantes feast on the promise of vengeance and of putting Mexicans in their place. Mexico will pay and for more than just a wall. Donald Trump’s appeal lies in the fact that he calls MS13 and by fascist extension all Salvadorans “animals.” Donald Trump’s appeal legion of white supremacist vigilantes feast on the promise of this as well. Donald Trump’s appeal is that he calls for a ban on Muslims. That the middle east an area of the world peopled by so many of the victims of US imperialism shall also pay for what they have done to the US appeals to Trump’s Christian Crusader base. Donald Trump’s appeal lies in calling Black Lives Matter a terrorist organization and in calling Black protesters “thugs.” Donald Trump’s appeal is based on the demand that Black protest must be silenced and punished for having offended White America. The Donald Trump appeal is based on false victim narratives of fascists who are calling for ethnic cleansing.

Chris Hedges is light on specifics when it comes to the content of their cry. Chris Hedges will not address the content. Only throw his hands up in typical liberal fashion in defense of the “grand republic.” Hedges is likely aware that in times of absolute crisis neither side has use of liberals.

False equivalencies spread confusion. Confusion strengthens the fascists. Liberalism is a death cult. Chris Hedges is a public menace.

8 thoughts on “Chris Hedges is a Public Menace

  1. I honestly don’t see the connection you make between advocating for peace, and public menace, sorry.
    I do however believe you make a lot of valid points. Bottom line, I like Chris Hedges for trying to maintain peace, in opposition to those who say positive change can only happen through violence. So I disagree that he is a public menace.


  2. I do not agree with the ideals that people fall victim to. They are not reality. There is no left no right. There is only us. Only the middle. I do not agree with a wall. Do not agree with tearing down statues. Power separates us, and condemns us to do battle with ourselves. I guesd the only real party is the one of power, but I do not agree.


  3. I think there ie too much labeling going on.
    Disagree with Hedges on this analysis, but it is destructive to denounce the great work he does. We will have varying takes on methods but overall, are we working towards Justice, Peace, a sustainable Earth? I believe you are and Hedges is as well despite differences.


  4. Crap article. Matt Sedillo is a menace. Another armchair revolutionary justifying violence from the left before it’s needed from behind the walls of his writer’s ivory tower. Hedges, on the other hand, has covered wars and revolutions up close and personal and was even fired from The New York Times for speaking out against the invasion of Iraq. As for Liberalism being by definition “counterrevolutionary,” that’s hilarious. US liberals are famous for routinely turning a blind eye to our genocidal imperial adventures the world round. Incidentally, Hedges isn’t a liberal. He’s a socialist. A REAL socialist.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Well said. I normally admire Hedges’ observations, but he’s wrong on this one. There’s no debating a Nazi. There’s no reasoning with that mindset. Violence is a big part of their dogma. They happily murder people ALL THE TIME. If you don’t think like they do, they want you dead. Antifa are NOTHING like them. Dr. Cornel West claimed that they save lives at Charlottesville. They did what the police would not: They protected people from armed and armored thugs who were there to hurt and kill people. Perhaps if the police treated the gun-toting Nazi pigs like they do BLM protesters, the two people killed by the Nazis would still be alive.


  6. Hedges inspired me with his anti-Iraq stance when I was a kid, but this article is spot on about the dangers of both sides-ism. Fascism can’t be met with civil debate, especial when eugenics advocating genocidal groups are marching in the streets and in the white house


  7. I really like this article and appreciate that it got out in such a timely manner to address this orchestrated, new (for the times), and totally predictable attempt by the so called liberal establishment to undermine a new emerging movement to stop the growth of fascism in this country. Hedges is an establishment media spokesperson who sits comfortably in his armchair, or stands in front of his podium, collecting speaking fees denouncing those who color outside the lines of his proscribed rules for protest. No one who stand up and faces fascists and attempts to make them disappear should ever be considered their equivalent. We, together are their equal or greater opposite. That is our goal and we don’t have dress codes, nor miss manners proscriptions over whether or not we are polite about it. Fascism is a mass movement, rooted in the middle classes but funded by big business, whose goal is to wipe out every democratic gain our class has made. Their goal is slave labor and genocide. Their targets are the most vulnerable among us–poor, immigrants, of color, women, queers, the disabled, Jews–anyone and everyone who can be scapegoated for a system that can no longer justify its own existence. Many of us in the anti Nazi movement disagree among ourselves on the best methods to defeat this movement, we agree on one thing–fascism must be stopped by any means necessary and we need all the allies we can get.
    Chris Hedges’ attempts to normalize these KKKlowns inside normal discourse and equating ANY liberation fighters with them deserves denouncing–loudly and emphatically.

    But hey, you are in good company–the Black Panther Party was denounced by liberals, the Student Non Violent Coordinating Committee was denounced by the mainstream press, the early women’s movement was ridiculed and physically assaulted from coast to coast. I am sure you can add to this list.
    Muffy Sunde


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