No One For President

No One For President

By: Matt Sedillo

The Southwest Political Report


In Hillary Clinton’s latest blame all memoir What Happened? Former Secretary of State and would be President Hillary Clinton went on to blame White women, the husbands of White women, Bernie Sanders and his supporters for having tried to win the democratic primary and virtually anyone but herself for having lost the election of 2016.

Bernie Sanders appearing on Steven Colbert stated in response to the claims of Hillary Clinton that his campaign damaged hers  that “Secretary Clinton ran against the most unpopular candidate in the history of this country, and she lost and I understand she’s upset about that.” Sanders overall attempted to use the opportunity to promote his own book Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution but was forced instead to mostly respond to the slander of Hillary Clinton as well as her bizarre claims of reverse slanderism. Bernie Sanders ran a campaign of notoriously letting Hillary Clinton off the hook off many hot topic issues that may have actually helped in the primaries. He ran, by American standards, a relatively principled campaign. In turn the primary was rigged against him. He, his campaign and his supporters were slandered repeatedly as unrealistic. And the at the DNC there were literally sales of Anti-Semitic shirts that distorted Sanders appearance to make him appear as a rodent. That is what actually happened in during the Democratic primary of 2016.

Bernie Sanders the individual vs the campaign and where both stand in respect to Hillary Clinton and her campaign are all separate questions. But blaming Bernie Sanders for the election of Donald Trump is just further deflection from the truth, as is Sanders own erroneous characterization of Donald Trump as unpopular.

Clinton lies. Trump lies. Sanders lies. Numbers can be distorted but here is what they say.

Donald Trump cleared the field of Republican primary of 17 Republican Candidates. He received 6,193,893 million more votes in the primaries from his nearest competitor Ted Cruz. At 14,015,993 he received more votes than previous 2012 winner Mitt Romney and previous 2012 runner up Rick Santorum combined. Donald Trump maybe divisive. Donald Trump maybe widely hated outside his base of support. But Donald Trump is not unpopular at all within the Republican base of support. At 62,984,825 Donald Trump received more votes than any Republican in history.  Despite this he still lost the vote count by 2,868,691 votes. In the state of California alone Donald Trump lost by 4,269,978. The Electoral College negated the vote count of the country’s most populated state, also not incidentally, the state that is ground zero for its demographic shift. Several Trump campaign rallies in the state of California were sites of street clashes between Anti-Trumps and Trump supporters and police. Donald Trump is extremely unpopular with many people in the state of California for clear and obvious reasons.

In 2016 Hilary Clinton received 65,853,516 votes. That is 70,732 fewer votes than Barack Obama did in 2012. That drop is very marginal compared to the 3,582,721 votes Obama himself lost between 2012 and 2008. Disillusionment with the Democratic party is as much on Obama as it is on Clinton who indeed was a very much a lesser evil candidate. That said the top 3 record setting campaigns in terms of votes garnered for an election are Barack Obama in 2008, Barack Obama in 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

The Democratic primaries of 2008, were very much a primary of historic firsts where either a Black man or a White woman would be the candidate for the Democratic party. This drew historic levels of excitement. Obama who won by the rules of the primary though lost in the vote count received 17,535,458 votes while Hillary Clinton received 17,822,145. That year John McCain McCain secured his nomination with 9,902,797 votes with Mike Huckabee coming in second at 4,276,046. The enthusiasm gap was huge.

Trump who represents nothing but the politics of  backlash against any kind of legal protections against discrimination in 2016 received 14,015,993 votes. More than any republican in history. That same year in her primary Hillary Clinton received 16,914,722 votes, which was 907423 less than she received in 2012 but still 2,898,729 more than Trump. That is nearly the identical number to the 2,868,691 votes she beat him in the general election by.

These are some numbers. They are open to interpretation.

What I gather from all this is that the message that the United States is always moving forward, that it is always progressing, that one day we will all have our moment in the sun as promoted by war criminals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is a generally more popular message than the retrograde JimCrow-FatherKnowsBest-ChristianCrusader-RemembertheAlamoist politics of the casual eugenicist Donald Trump.

However neither of these sets of politics come anywhere close to matching the size and scope of disillusionment and apathy with the American political system as a whole. Neither are anywhere near the dimensions of the politics of who cares.

A staggering 102,731,399 people did not vote last election.  Nearly 50% of the population did not vote in an election that turned out millions more than the previous cycle. That is a huge number of people not to vote. If not voting registered as a vote for no one, then no one would have won the election by 420 electoral points and the general election by 36,877,883 actual votes.

Hillary Clinton is a war criminal. Donald Trump is a eugenicist. No one for President. No one won.


Photo Courtesy of The Independent

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