No More Bread: Give Them Only Circuses and They Still Will Not Revolt

No More Bread: Give Them Only Circuses and They Still Will Not Revolt
By Irene Sanchez
The Southwest Political Report

“Give them their bread and circuses and they will never revolt.” This line is from satirical poet Juvenal of ancient Rome. He wrote this to say that as long as people have their bread and circuses they will not struggle to change society as they are either satisfied with their immediate conditions and/or the public is too diverted and distracted.

I think most people are not just diverted and distracted, they are in shock. Here we have a President who made his way to fame off of telling people “You’re fired.” then as a businessman with many failed businesses he applauds himself as “successful”. He is also the definition of a misogynist who has got away with virtually everything. Then he made his way to highest office in this country through a path of white supremacy, which was demonstrated countless times through his hate filled words against Mexicans, Central Americans, and immigrants in general, against Muslims and the LGBTQ community. All these facts, all this evidence, and yet some still fail to call it what it is. Others will say the democrats didn’t appeal to the white working class as if that will solve all our issues or if this mythical white working class even exists other than to excuse the democrats did not appeal enough to white supremacy. On the other hand, some are scared. Some people are in shock so we joke about how the commander in chief is a joke, a clown (my favorite), a “dotard”, but what he says and does is really not funny at all.

Most recently Trump described what happened in Las Vegas as a “miracle” this reminds us how much like he loves to applaud himself for causing violence and destruction on a mass scale. He says these comments as many are injured and 59 have died. This violence in Las Vegas was perpetuated by a rich violent white man who is more like Trump than not, but months into this presidency, this shock value of what is happening is becoming the norm and it seems many have settled into living in under this big top of a circus that overwhelms us at all hours of the day, through social media, through twitter, in our classrooms, and on the streets, yet we have no bread.

No More Bread.

The people of Puerto Rico also have no water, yet as Trump says, “This is an island, surrounded by water. Big water. Ocean water.” Following Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has lost much of it’s infrastructure and electricity, yet we watch as he hurls paper towels into a crowd like he was slinging prizes at a sporting event or contest or dare I say, a circus? We listen as he insults the people of Puerto Rico (who are also U.S. citizens: google the Jones Act) saying:

“You’ve thrown our budget a little out of whack”

“If you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds that died . . . 16 people [in Puerto Rico] versus in the thousands [in Louisiana], you can be very proud of all your people, all our people,”

No More Bread.

In the past few days, Republicans have also proposed a budget cut of 450 billion dollars to Medicare over the next ten years.

No More Bread.

Only a day ago it was reported Trump is now contemplating an executive order on welfare reform to be signed before Thankstaking. This order would supposedly encourage more people to lift themselves up by their bootstraps and get back to work, work that is not there, work that is not enough to even sustain ourselves at a basic level along with that many of us do not have adequate health care. Our communities are still under attack.

We have no more bread, no gurantees, no safety net, many of us are half a paycheck away from disaster, yet I lie awake wondering how we are still watching the circus while many are hungry for justice.

Source: The Associated Press


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