When the South Runs Confederates

When the South Runs Confederates
By Amoja Sumler
The Southwest Political Report

So there was a big senate race in Alabama to replace the open senate seat of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, maybe you heard about it?  It’s the one where the federal prosecutor who spent a career making arguments to imprison nonviolent drug offenders was branded as some kind of racial social justice hero.  He defeated a judge that spent his career doing much of the same when not “allegedly” molesting underage girls in the name of Jesus.  Don’t worry, though the judge denies the pedophilia. The judge unabashedly loves America, especially when they could openly practice enslavement.  He thinks it made America great.  The judge wants to make America great again.

Some would say these are strange times.  I say they are the same as they ever were.  Roy Moore, the defeated judge, is an evangelical Christian. He is a married man and over a handful of “alleged” victims and their mothers have come out and openly spoken about the abuse they endured at the hands of this man.  That the infidelity alone was not enough to make our Vice President (who won’t even dine with women alone) say supporting Moore is a deal breaker should be very telling of the political matrix we find ourselves in.

So let’s deconstruct some of what was happening with this immense support for Roy Moore.  Moore has admitted young women are more likely to be virgins, and this makes them more desirable? It is easy to note that as a judge Roy Moore has a lot of power to bring to bear in any potential sexual encounter. Power however is not what seems to be the de facto motivator.  That he is “alleged” to specifically seek out the young goes to another dynamic: purity culture.

Purity culture has long been the province of evangelical Christianity (and White Supremacists but more on that later). Roy Moore is a proud Christian, a very loud Christian.  It is also worth noting that in all of his accusations there has of yet been no women of color that have placed an allegation against him (insert White Supremacy). If this was truly a man beyond reason who could not control his actions (and let’s not forget there is a mall that actually banned him from entering due to his known proclivities) this over reach would happen across the demographic spectrum, instead it is alarmingly specific.  Roy Moore has purposely and willfully sought out sex with underage White Christian women.  This is because they are the least likely to have engaged in sexual practices with men of color, but also, only a White Christian female can produce more White Christians.  This is completely in line with the Christian “Quiverfull” movement directives, which are an almost perfect ideological overlap for the White supremacist agenda of how to make America great again.

 djrm The numbers on the surface are absolutely in line with what we expect from an Alabama electorate.  The same electorate that, until last night, hadn’t elected a Democrat in 25 years.  This could be excused unless there was some type of scandal hanging over his head that might make Moore less attractive to “values” voters. Apparently being pro slavery, against marital fidelity and a plethora of accusations about under age philandering do not count as negative values.

Only 8% of registered Republicans broke against the party to vote for the Democratic Doug Jones. Because to an overtly evangelical White Christian base, the pursuit of virtue is not a sin. Because shrugging off the excess of enslavement of Black people is a plus.  Because as a judge you kept Black people “in their place.” That place is behind bars, because you are not ashamed of the American legacy of slavery “tough on crime.”

 djrm2 The data gets more interesting when you examine other demographic markers.  A whopping 96% of the Black electorate chose to vote on a “lessor evil” relatively unheard of long shot Democratic federal prosecuting attorney (who in between a career of prosecuting Black people found time to present a case against some domestic White terrorists who committed hate crimes against young Black churchgoers in Alabama).

Only in the matrix of today could such a man be described as not “tough on crime”, but here we are.
68% of the White electorate was ok voting for a man accused of serial pedophilia.

Roy Moore represents the new face of Southern conservatism, which is unmasked White Supremacist Christian politics. This is branded many ways: Alt Right, White Working Class, Neo Fascist, “Value Voters”, but if we are rejecting political correctness, which is the battle cry of the Roy Moore’s of the world (and indeed the POTUS) we should just be honest. Roy Moore is the face and voice of the Confederate electorate, he was handpicked to replace the Confederate that proceeded him in Sessions, and he was overwhelmingly the favorite of voting Whites.

White men broke for Moore to the tune of 72% and answered the call of the president of the United States himself. Considering Alabama’s cultural landscape this is not earth shattering.  What is though, is that 63% of White women voted for a man who is “alleged” to have transgressed against their demographic specifically.

As expected, and with no assurances other than him not overtly pining for a return to the days of enslavement for Blacks, Doug Jones who has not run on any thing that resembles a platform of racial social justice or even “progressive” politics captured 93% of Black men, a truly unprecedented 98% of Black women voters.


What does it say when the Party of Andrew Jackson is considered to not be “conservative enough” to attract the contemporary Confederate? What does it say that in spite of an energized group of Blacks being the absolute most dedicated block of voters, all the Party of Andrew Jackson can do is weep for its lost ties to the White Working Class (a dog whistle even “socialist champions” like Bernie Sanders are not afraid to blow).

As of 11:00 PM Roy Moore, wrapped up in the flag, armed with the Bible and his six shooter on horseback still has not conceded his loss. He says, “God will decide.”
How perfect a summation of his life motto.  How perfectly Confederate.
It says that quite simply when it comes to what is right, and what is expected as far as behavior, now as then to the Confederate: deo vindice.  Or you know, “God decides.”



One thought on “When the South Runs Confederates

  1. The heartening stat is that although people under 44 were only 45% of the electorate, they voted over 60% Jones. There’s a huge age split for racism, classism, homophobia, etc. which has continued to increase nationally as more young people begin to vote & older people stop voting.


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