Donald Trump isn’t Anti Immigrant. He’s a White Supremacist.

Donald Trump isn’t anti immigrant. He’s a White Supremacist. This isn’t about immigrants. Melania Trump is an immigrant. This is not about the children of immigrants. Ivanka Trump is the child of an immigrant. Eric Trump is the child of an immigrant. Donald Trump Jr. is the child of an immigrant. Joe Arpaio is the child of immigrants. Michael Savage who has built his massive fan base on the pushing of “borders, language, culture” is the son of immigrants. The Klansman Fred Trump was the son of immigrants.

Milo Yiannopoulos is an immigrant. He tours the country terrorizing Brown undocumented students through rituals of public doxxing. For these horrific acts this bigot holds the status of an alien of extraordinary abilities. Recently in Los Angeles California this White Supremacists bully Milo Yiannopoulos had a proposed to hold a speaking event on the campus of UCLA entitleed 10 things I hate about Mexico. This man is an immigrant. This has nothing to do with immigration.

Earlier this year Mark Steyn, a Canadian political commentator, appered on Tucker Carlson’s program sounding the alarm about shifting demographics in Arizona. Steyn lamented the number of Brown kids in Tucscon’s school district warning that “the Mexican border has in effect moved north.” In that same talk he described White Supremacists as “American citizens” but then warned of the dangers of a “Hispanic future” regardless of origin of birth. Why is this Canadian so concerned about ensuring a White future for Arizona? Here Steyn makes a case that has nothing to do with citizenship, immigration, documentation, birthplace, or even the US, but rather panic over keeping settler colonies White.

This is not about immigration. This is not about the law. This is about the fear of a Brown America. Whatever the broad complexities of people crossing the border maybe in the American imagination these politics play out in a very simple question being posed. That  question is how many Brown people with Spanish last names can live in America and it still be America? This is the question that animates this so called immigration debate. It is the driving force behind it. This is what is meant by infestation. This is what is meant by animals. This is what is meant by drug dealers and rapists. This is what is meant by bad hombres. This is what is meant by calling El Salvador a shithole. This is what drives for the call for a wall. This is what is meant by saying Mexico will pay.  This is why Cambridge Analytica titled their protfolio for the Trump campaign “Project Alamo.”

The theme of Brown people as a threat to White standards, civiity and safety is an old trope in US politics. Trump has used this trope relatively consistently and effectively to bolster his base of support, often during episodes wherein he is accused of incompotence or corruption. This has been a dominant thread of both the Trump campaign and his Presidency. Trump did not make these politics up. But he picked them up and ran with them in a way we have not seen for generations. He has execcerbated hatred towards these communities in ways not seen for generations. The cultural assault has been ratcheted up in a way not seen for decades.

It has been this way from the start of the Trump campaign and it has nothing to do with immigrants broadly. Trump began his campaign calling Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. In his first interview after his presidential victory he characterized Salvadorans as the worst of the worst and “totally finished.” Prior to that at the Republican National Convention of 2016 Lou Holtz stated directly “I don’t want to become you. I don’t want to speak your language, I don’t want to celebrate your holidays, I sure as hell don’t want to cheer for your soccer team!”

Holtz statement is a perfect crystallization about what support for Trump is really about. It is about the fear of becoming. This fear of White people being forced to assimilate to a growing population that in regions of the country already outnumber them terrifies Trump’s base of support. This is what is meant by White Genocide, people who aren’t White moving into White neighborhoods. People who aren’t White constituting a large percentage of the population.

At that same convention in 2016 that political giant Scott Baio proclaimed, “Lets make America great again. But lets make America, America again.” Scott Baio is the son of immigrants.

This isn’t about immigration. It never has been. It is about the changing face of America. It is about the fear of the inevitable. It is about the fear of taco trucks on every corner.

This isnt’ about immigration. Donald Trump is the son of an immigrant and he is a God damn White Supremacist. vanessa-haydon-trump-4-e1454992992948 (1)

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