Tucker Carlson is An Enemy of the People

Tucker Carlson is an Enemy of the People

The Southwest Political Report

By: Matt Sedillo

Tucker Carlson is an enemy of the people.

“Mexico… is routinely interfering in our elections by packing our electorate.” – Tucker Carlson July 17th 2018 appearing on The Five.

Tucker Carlson’s statement about Mexico and the US election was read by some as conspiracy theory contending that undocumented Mexican migrants were voting in US elections. This idea is not new. In fact, none other than Electoral College winner himself Donald Trump, floated the idea via Twitter in order to explain his actual electoral loss in the 2016 election. On November 27th 2016 the loser of the so called popular vote, a bizarre phrase for the actual vote count, stated that “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

However, Carlson and Trump both appear to be saying something quite different when taken into the fuller context of their broader commentary. Trump’s hate speech casual approach to  Mexican and Mexican Americans is well documented but is always worth closer examination. Tucker Carlson and his guests have a very recent history of speaking against “Hispanic futures”, “countries we don’t recognize” moving borders as well as demands that “real Americans” and “life-long residents”, “have some say” on the demographic future of the country.

Let us begin with a quick review of Tucker Carlson and friends documenting some of their recent villainy.

Canadian Author Mark Steyn appearing on Tucker Carlson Tonight January 18, 2018, stated, “The white supremacists are American citizens. The illegal immigrants are people who shouldn’t be here.”

Steyn rambled on a bit more about betrayal of “real American” White supremacists and certain politicians preference of “these DACA people”, prompting Tucker Carlson to ask “how can you lead a country whose population you despise?”

Continental White Supremacist Mark Steyn continued, “In Arizona the majority of grade school children are Hispanic. That means Arizona’s future is as a Hispanic society. That means the border has in effect moved North. And the cultural transformation outweighs any economic benefits”

Tucker Carlson responded, “It’s at the very least bewildering for the people who grew up here. And that’s real. I don’t think you have to be animated by hate or anything to say maybe I should have some say in how my country evolves.”

March 27th 2018, Tucker Carlson opens a segment entitled, “Hazelton Transformed”  by stating,

“Recently on this program we told you about the wave of demographic change that has transformed the town of Hazelton Pennsylvania. In the year 2000, Hazelton was less than 2% Hispanic. Today thanks to mass immigration Hazelton is majority Hispanic.”

Carlson further sounded the alarm decrying,

“More than half of the residents there speak a language other than English at home.”

Tucker Carlson then continued, ” We got those numbers from a recent piece in National Geographic that quoted lifelong Hazelton residents saying they no longer recognized their own hometown. They didn’t hate immigrants, most Americans like immigrants. But this was too much change. In fewer than 20 years the culture their parents and grandparents built evaporated. They never asked for that. They were bewildered, understandably.”

Tucker Carlson, constantly bewildered enemy of the people continued,

“What happened in Hazelton is happening around the country neighborhood changed forever with no public debate.” Carlson also issued the stark warning that “Los Angeles County is overwhelmingly Hispanic.”

The segment concluded with Carlson speaking with guest Lou Barletta, the former mayor of Hazelton. As Barletta spoke a byline ran across the screen posing the question, “Are Immigrants Replacing American Culture?”

In 2006 as Mayor of Hazelton, Barletta passed the Illegal Immigration Relief as well as an Official English Ordinance. Barletta at the time was working under the tutelage of Kris Kobach, the longtime secretary of state from Kansas. Kobach, who led Trump’s transition team in the selection of a cabinet, was also instrumental in Arizona law SB1070.

Kobach is also the author of a number of scams and chicanery to purge the voting rolls. Kris Kobach is America’s most diligent warrior against the “bewilderment” Tucker Carlson so often speaks of. No one in American politics works as hard or as long of hours to keep the country or at the very least the voter rolls White as Kris Kobach.

Back to Donald Trump at G7 meeting told Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, “I can send you 25 million Mexicans and you’ll be out of office very soon.”

On June third 2016 on the show Crossfire Trump contended that Indiana born judge Gonzalo Curiel was unfit to proceed with the case against Trump University because “We are building a wall. He’s a Mexican. We’re building a wall between here and Mexico. ”

While campaigning Trump also contended that the 14th amendment did not entail birthright citizenship.

On November 11th 2015, speaking on the O’Reilly factor Trump stated of people who were born in the United States, “I don’t think they have American citizenship, and if you speak to some very, very good lawyers — some would disagree. But many of them agree with me — you’re going to find they do not have American citizenship. We have to start a process where we take back our country. Our country is going to hell. We have to start a process, Bill, where we take back our country,”

This has never had anything to do with legality. This is about keeping the country White. When Trump speaks of “our country” he is talking to White people. When Tucker Carlson worries about “our future” he is talking to White people.

For men like Trump, Kobach, Perlata, Carlson and even the Canadian Mark Steyn the only real American is a White American. And the Mexican whether born in Jalisco, Los Angeles, Guanajuato, Tuscon, Michoacán, or Indiana has an immutable UnAmerican nature and too many of them in one place makes America not America.

One wonders what Tucker Carlson is actually advocating for anyways. Is he calling for town hall debates that address how “Mexican” or “Hispanic” a town is becoming? Perhaps he hopes to see city ordinances that prevent school districts from “going Brown.”

Tucker Carlson is a eugenicist and enemy of the people. He is a mouthpiece overflowing with 14 words and more. His hate buddy Mark Steyn is right about one thing though. The future of Arizona and beyond is not White.

Taco trucks every corner.


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