Racism is not a Distraction


Racism is Not a Distraction

Matt Sedillo

The Southwest Political Report



Racist New York editor Will Shortz considers outrage over the word “Beaner” appearing in the New York Times Crossword Puzzle “a distraction,” from an otherwise, “very fine puzzle.”

In typical fashion of racists everywhere racist Will Shortz finds room in his apology to not only to shower his staff and himself with praise but also include more racial slurs in his apology. These include a racial slur against Koreans that he did catch and decided to go ahead with anyways as a well as a potential racial slur against Chinese people that he may decide to employ in the future.

In typical regional racist fashion from racists from the east coast and midwest, racist Will Shortz feigns ignorance on the racial connotations of the word “Beaner.”

This pretense of ignorance around the term Beaner is nothing new.  With 140 locations Bigby Coffee is one of the largest coffee retailers in the Midwest. From 1995 to 2007 Bigby, however, went by a different name,  which was of course, you guessed it, “BEANERS.”

In 2007 when the name changed occurred, Bob Fish, BEANER’S CEO and co-founder stated,   “As we’ve continued to expand into new markets, we’ve heard more and more comments about our name, to the point that we had to take a hard look at changing it,” he then lamented  “We ultimately felt we would be condoning the use of a disparaging term if we chose to do nothing.” He then lamented, “I understand that BEANER’s loyalists might have a hard time with the name change.”

This feigned ignorance will not do. Especially vis a vis anti-Mexican sentiment. The current administration rose to prominence on making the disparaging of Mexicans a central theme of his campaign and presidency. No one is ignorant of these general trends and stereotypes and certainly no one who works in words should be ignorant of a slur as common as “beaners.”

Being from New York does not exempt you from knowing how to wield anti-Mexican slurs.

The New York Daily News picked up on a story of Starbucks in La Canada writing the word “beaner” on a cup. The racism of the incident was not lost on it’s writer.

This pretends act that the Southwest is somehow only a small portion of the country or not a key element to US culture or racial politics is how prominent institutions and large business entities keep getting away with pretending not to know what “Beaner” means.

The Southwest is not some minor portion of the United States either subject to regional politics that the rest of the country just cannot get. 7 out of 10 of the largest cities in this country are located in the Southwest, these are all cities that have never experienced a population decline and with the exception of Los Angeles, they are all cities growing at over twice the rate of New York City.

Again being from New York does not exempt you from understanding the impact of anti-Mexican slurs, sentiment or rhetoric. Donald Trump is from New York. He knows very well how to use anti-Mexican rhetoric to his political advantage. 63 million people voted for him with his largest promise being a wall built on the southern border. The current government shut down is over a border wall. This is not background noise, nor is it a distraction. It is a central theme of American life and politics.


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