Whatever The Democrats Say About Trump They Will Never Attack His Base of Support

Whatever The Democrats Say About Trump They Will Never Attack His Base of Support

By Matt Sedillo

The Southwest Political Report

On January 11th 2019, on the 20th day of this historic government shutdown, Senator Kamala Harris appeared the tonight show accusing Donald Trump of  “holding the American people hostage” over a “vanity project.”

On the same show at an earlier date, Beto Rourke then campaigning against Ted Cruz stated, “And we can move forward in that manner, making sure we are secure and living up to our values and our ideals. And Texas the defining border state and immigration experience, we should lead on that, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents coming together.”

These are but two responses from prominent Democrats both slated for possible Presidential runs in 2020.

This 2018/2019 response to the demand of a building a wall expresses a popular discontent and exasperation with Trump that exists in wide sections and perhaps even the majority of the general public. While this is slightly different than the 2016 postures of Sanders, Clinton and others to defend the call for a wall and chants of
“Mexico will pay” as not motivated racial hatred but rather cry for help from a much beleaguered and abandoned “white working class” it is still a largely dishonest position to maintain.

The United States is not home to a cohesive people with a singular history but rather a settler colony that contains various peoples set up in a racial hierarchy that expresses culturally, economically and politically on a daily basis. There is no “American people.” And Donald Trump has made that abundantly clear in his campaigning and sloganeering, touring the country and conducting interviews and delivering speeches with such classics lines like “he’s a Mexican” and “look at my African American”.

The culture behind the demand for a wall emerges historically from the Southwest, from the land that was once Mexico. They are reactionary politics rooted in the Mexican American war and the decades-long campaign that followed that war that sought to Americanize this portion of the country. This time period between the late 1840s and early 1880s saw Mexicans lynched at the highest rate per capita of any ethnic group in US history and the worst state of all being Texas. Texas is the state that brought forth the phrase “Remember the Alamo.” How on Earth can all Texans including the reactionaries come together and fight Trump? That is his base.

The Democrats increasingly are willing to attack Trump personally but they will never attack the base of his support because both parties are parties that confirm the basic tenants of White supremacy, capitalist exploitation, and imperial plunder. Trump’s open klan rally style of rule is a bit untenable to significant sections of the American public but prominent Democrats would still rather paint this as an individual failing of Trump to articulate and embody American values than to point out that he is actually expressing the will of millions upon millions of monstrous Americans.

On January 3rd, Chuck Schumer stated on the Senate floor, “hounded by the far right, particularly the radio and tv commentators, President Trump threw a temper tantrum at the 11th hour.”

So now we are to believe that people the likes of Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity are just individual bad actors in an otherwise great republic wherein empathy and good will reign? No these people have millions of followers. And none of them are being led anywhere they don’t want to go. If Rush Limbaugh were jailed tomorrow on some new drug charges or if the IRS caught up with Hannity, Michael Savage and Laura Ingraham would just advance to the front of the line. Hate sells in the US. And more to the point if Trump doesn’t deliver on his wall the far right, ie tens of millions of voters, will move to someone they think can.

Ann Coulter, from whose book much of Trump’s border politics are largely drawn from, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, and several others have all threatened to drop support of Trump should he not deliver upon his wall. They don’t support a man, they support a cause, and that cause is hate. And what is true of these prominent figures is true of Trump’s base.

The Democrats and liberals in general will never be honest about their outright Klan rally counterparts because they are too heavily invested in the myth of American exceptionalism to let any reality interfere with a stirring speech about the “yearnings of the American People.” That, and they are also murderers in their own right. They are just murderers who prefer to dress up their murderous behavior in symbolic gesture.

Back to Chuck Schumer, “To so many Americans, we do not want the wall to be a symbol of America, much preferring the Statue of Liberty be that symbol. The symbolism is bad for the country, for our economy, for our security, for our ability to get along in the world. So Democrats certainly support effective border security, fencing, drones,  technology roads, what the experts say actually works.”

Drones??!!!  Drones???!!! Drones!!! Is this your resistance?


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